Pending Trades

5 May

ballet15, detective05/11, laws03 for your brawl04, donut01, jusenkyo09, and objection18 +mc with HopeChest.

6 May

hopeless12, library01,14, toudou12, schoolgirls03,05, twins02,06, stardust06 for donut07, overlord15, twili02, green08,09, princes16, princesses01, ivalice15 +mc with Yuki.

18 June

hokage09, disguise19, izayoiki10, leash12, and mythril04/06 for your adena11/14, betrayal20, objection13/14, and shilda12 with Hotaru.

18 June

ribbon06/13, ballet06, thief08, daybreak16, and heal10 for twili12, balance15, brawl04, bracelet04, levitation06/20 +mc with Miku.

Trading Card Log


29 July - puzzle: scythe13, alchemy15, musicb, member token.
memory: scythe08, needless11.
old library books: gramarye07, sin08, musicb.
famous artist: kitty02, epitaph12, historyb.
slots: stage18, nomoney13, blackpearl19.
war: spirits13, princess01.
screen confusion: edo13, slave07, historyb.

28 July - puzzle: medium16, despair09, englishb, member token.
memory: drifter15, seishun07.
voice talent: mamono06, swordian20, historyc.
famous artist: tenkai11, promise12, artb.
card scramble: saucer12, crystal19, sciencec.
slots: katena17, devil11, musou18.

19 July - card scramble: gaea20, mask08, englishc.
slots: chaotic02, nishimata12, shinigami15, arta, artb, sciencec.
screen confusion: idol17, race09, musicb.

18 July - puzzle: paris14, lapistier09, scienceb, member token.
memory: lemures15, frozen06.
old library books: brigade04, makeup05, scienceb.
famous artist: brawl02, shutter05, scienceb.
which color: white02, vector18, englishc.
war: didn't win.

5 July - memory: scrapyard13, assassin15.
slots: silverberry18, pornograph16, mamono17, sciencea, artb, historyc.
war: scrapyard08, passion17.
Art A Prize: schoolgirls18, eclipse04, gaea07, fusion11, angel07, historya, member token.
English A Prize: magicalgirls09, heroes05, adlibitum01, shuri01, ohtori18, historya, member token.
History A Prize: black19, persona08, mystery17, shipwreck05, embryo15, englisha, member token.
Music A Prize: princesses17, leafe03, dark10, district18, netherworld16, englisha, member token.
Science A Prize: magicalgirls16, astral03, betrayal13, morgue11, eitoku12, musica, member token.


27 June - memory: twili13, sin12.
war: labyrinth14, freckles10.
slots: twili11, couplesm01, nandemo13, musica, artb, sciencec.

22 June - Traded kira09 for shildia07 with Asta.
Traded foulu20, inaba06, lapistier08, tea03, tea16 and trick04 for objection15, fraulein11, fraulein19, geostigma05, forest19 and princesses13 with Kaz.

20 June - Grades Exchange: astral08/09/11/13, donut07, newgen03/05/06/11/13, genesis17/18/19/20, reploid12/14/18/19, adena13/15/16/17, geostigma01/06, shildia02/06, twili01/02/03.
mastered donut: betrayal06, betrayal07, judgment03, ito19.
mastered newgen: betrayal01, betrayal02, kfight20, revolution13.
mastered adena: genesis13, genesis14, photograph10, heartless05.
mastered astral: genesis15, ocarina16, lucifer08, leyline01.
mastered reploid: ocarina17, ocarina18, peacock18, shibuya14.
mastered betrayal: ocarina04, objection03, truestar06, lotis08.
mastered genesis: pendragon14, pendragon18, fate17, survival03.
mastered ocarina: ivalice07, ivalice15, forest10, iris06.
doubles exchange: noir06, kira09, welcomeback02.
Traded black05, magicalgirls12, magicalgirls17, azure03, azure20, noise13, zearth11/19, clow04, odessa03, shinrabanshou04, survival03 for treat11, red12, treat02/16, trick06, auracite01, medium04, checkmate12/15, maximum09/14, and orochi18 with Lucathia.
war: bbcompany19, dual08.
slots: curse11, blossom10, senshi10, historya, artb, artc.

18 June - video club: katena17, priestess08, musicc.
memory: diclonius18, checkmate09.
lucky match: baroque06, heartless10, historyb.
slots: natural13, traveler02, noise13, historya, scienceb, historyc.
war: kurenai12, princess02.
screen confusion: stolen08, origin15, musicb.
Art A Prize: azure20, kirsche12, calamity04, zearth19, dragoon09, historya, member token.
English A Prize: mascots12, attorney12, heaven10, ghost05, seasons06, arta, member token.
History A Prize: princes16, parody09, darc03, model14, thief08, musica, member token.
Music A Prize: vampiresm03, giygas19, destiny11, twili07, japan17, arta, member token.
Science A Prize: trick04, schoolgirls03, delilah11, promise06, esper10, englisha, member token.
Doubles Exchange: arms10, attorney12, baroque06, esper10, ghost05, princess02, promise06, scythe17 for for metatag01, tiara12, nandemo01, problems20, embryo12, witch07, tellius16, heart03.

12 June - memory: persocom12, blade04.
video club: sixteen15, shinrabanshou04, englishc.
voice talent: tachibana09, epitaph07, sciencec.
old library books: calamity14, gullwings14, artb.
famous artist: princes07, flash11, historyb.
which color: princes08, winter08, artc.

9 June - Card Claim: orochi01-05.

6 June - lucky match: class01, pearl19, musicb.
slots: gnosis16, shildia15, hanagumi01, arta, scienceb, sciencec.
war: destiny15, bracelet07.
screen confusion: silverberry18, ito14, scienceb.

4 June - puzzle: hollow13, despair06, scienceb, member token.
memory: class19, needless03.
video club: scythe17, shougi13, historyc.
voice talent: mythril14, dash06, sciencec.
old library books: shinsengumi10, troupe17, musicb.
which color: genesis16, class10, artc.


31 May - comedy section: trapnest13, foulu20, historyc.
slots: fraulein11, izayoiki20, revolution09, historya, scienceb, historyc.
screen confusion: gramarye02, origin16, historyb.
lucky match: arms10, artc.

28 May - puzzle: lyrical10, memories18, scienceb, member token.
memory: 10000cards13, host18.
video club: mask07, hollow16, artc.
old library books: neoarcadia05, flamehaze03, historyb.
which color: kirsche14, daybreak16, musicc.
doubles exchange: chopin07, ribbon06, 10000cards13 for darc07, katena11, schoolgirls05.
doubles exchange: 10000cards13 (another one!), azure03/04, treat06/15, trick04, vampiresm01/10/19, white15/17 for green02, red10, black05, red13, twins19, black03, azure09, black14, schoolgirls18, red08, azure06.

21 May - game profile: grandstaff11, triumph15, musicb, member token.
rejected titles: overlord06, donut01, musicb.
Traded shinsengumi14/19 for heart02, diablo18 +mc with PlaidElf.

20 May - New Decks: shildia10, inaba06, disguise19.
puzzle: ribbon06, contract10, musicb, member token.
memory: izayoiki10, priestess15.
which color: green01, tea16, sciencec.
famous artist: expel20, artist18, englishb.

19 May - for May:
Art A Prize: 10000cards13, scroll12, west14, heartless20, shinsengumi06, historya, member token.
English A Prize: azure03, brother06, future12, overlord09, crusades09, arta, member token.
History A Prize: treat15, troupe20, leyline06, chimera09, halo11, englisha, member token.
Music B Prize: trick04, odessa03, natural08, hosigami07, district13, englisha, member token.
Science B Prize: black11, couplesm15, couplesm14, finder12, harmonia02, sciencea, member token.
for April:
Art A Prize: magicalgirls07, concerto02, heart16, loveme15, hokage09, historya, member token.
English A Prize: schoolgirls11, nights11, violin12, starcrossed14, dreams16, englisha, member token.
History A Prize: princes03, judges07, leyline04, magi18, jewel16, sciencea, member token.
Music B Prize: welcomeback19, royale16, crimson03, green08, royale12, sciencea, member token.
Science B Prize: welcomeback07, princesses01, master04, movies02, alchemy08, musica, member token.
Doubles Exchange: heartless20, loveme15, west14 for shutter01, django20, wings02.

17 May - comedy section: samurai09, leafe16, historyc.
slots: giygas17, tenkai15, noname03, sciencea, musicb, englishc.
Traded samurai09, shinigami04, fireball13/16 for balance11, checkmate17, crimson07, nocturne02 with PlaidElf.

13 May - puzzle: shipwreck03, judgment06, englishb, member token.
memory: beloved10, sarasa19.
which color: persocom08, gamers15, sciencec.

10 May - card scramble: kurogane03, algo11, sciencec.
comdedy section: vampiresm19, treat06, englishc.
slots: camera16, idol09, release13.
war: iroha13, resonance14.
screen confusion: lapistier08, origin17, artb.

9 May - Traded lapisiter10, prophecy13, pandora09, welcomeback09 and member card for victorian12, betrayal10, trois09, green18, and member card with Kaz.
Traded witch02, embryo03, retribution08 for twili18, esper08, and ocarina12 +mc with Tiiu.
Grades Exchange: bloodyrose02, chopin07, genesis02, genesis03, genesis07, genesis08, genesis10, ivalice02, jusenkyo16, kanto10, krusnik04, prophecy07, prophecy08, prophecy09, prophecy10, race19, scramble11, seed11, seed20, shudelmir13, spring07, tachibana05, tartarus15, tasukete11, thanatos17, thanatos18, thanatos19, trois09, victorian05, victorian08, victorian09, victorian11, victorian18.
mastered victorian: prophecy04, prophecy05, bara05, scales19.
mastered jusenkyo: prophecy17, samurai13, zodiac13, platinum01.
mastered prophecy: esper02, esper13, harmonia17, tasukete10.
mastered esper: trois11, trois12, saiyan02, errands02.
mastered seed: trois16, trois19, kurogane04, paradox01.
mastered thanatos: samurai16, samurai11, etoile03, chopin15.
mastered samurai: lenneth02, lenneth03, heian13, twin03.
mastered trois: lenneth15, lenneth16, leash12, kurenai04.
mastered lenneth: betrayal14, betrayal18, fireball16, awakening16.

8 May - Traded blossom15, eitoku03/12, suzuki05, treat13, ballet04, ballet15, brigade18, heart16/17 for jusenkyo09/10, samurai17, trois18, green03, esper09, sos16, pendragon20, and astral07/17 +mc with Elin.
Traded exorcist18 and villiansg04 for style03 and vampiresm14 +mc with Kitzu.

6 May - Doubles exchange: blossom09, epitaph09, friends06, iroha03, magi05, magvel09, mask04, phantom01, terresia17 for comic03, despair09, donut17, ballet13, etria13, oscar04, prophecy13, rose13, shambala09.
Traded kitty07 for mask04 +mc with Asta.
Traded blossom09 for phantom01 +mc with Jaoie.
Traded angel19, judges04/07, scholar04, adonis05/07, alter10, aries12, arolandia09/17, epitaph09, genpei18, heian12, iris07, leash04/17/18, mechanical06, momo10, nandemo20, promise14, terresia17/20, windwaker20, and black17 for adena09, attorney05/16, seed11, victorian10, prophecy02, bracelet08/20, donut09, forest17, ivalice20, jusenkyo13, lenneth13/18, levitation01, medium01/03/05/07/14, ocarina02/09, samurai07/18, and trick08 +mc with Hotaru.

5 May - Traded stage01 for objection09 +mc with inuhanyou.
puzzle: expel10, tenkai15, musicb, member token.
memory: will16, harmonia13.
video club: arkscepter11, chicago15, musicc.
which color: jusenkyo17, futago04, musicc.
card scramble: lemures18, sin04, englishc.
comedy section: riddle03, flash04, sciencec.
lucky match: epitaph09, mythril06, historyb.
war: model13, shuri03.
screen confusion: white15, desire17, musicb.
music lesson: awakening05, friends06, sciencea.
game profile: voice09, saint09, scienceb, member token.
slots: balance10, kfight05, seven16, arta, scienceb, historyc.
New Decks: suzuki05, names18, pitcher08.
Traded colony10/15 for attorney08, donut02 +mc with Cate

3 May - Traded across12/18/20, magicalgirls02, and princesses05/16/20 for forest02, twili16, medium13, treat12, and trick07/09/18 +mc with Rhap-chan.


29 Apr - puzzle: sixteen13, paradox07, englishb, member token.
memory: ecure13, sacred04.
video club: genos11, vampiresm01, historyc.
voice talent: princesses20, majora16, artc.
famous artist: scholar04, iroha03, musicb.
which color: scissorman08, flamehaze19, musicc.

28 Apr - Traded brush19 and spirits03 for ivalice08 and geostigma13 +mc with Chayenne.

27 Apr - New Decks: writing17, working17, tea03.

26 Apr - Traded nights06 for victorian06 with Ecks.

25 Apr - Traded fallen05/14, senshi06 for ocarina03, auracite09/16 +mc with kabibangel.
card scramble: swordian01, twili19, englishc.
comedy section: otaku18, avalonia16, englishc.
lucky match: iroha04, parody12, scienceb.
slots: midnight20, scramble18, gaea16, musica, scienceb, sciencec.
screen confusion: magicalgirls13, drifter18, artb.
Music lesson: prince17, detective05, sciencea.

23 Apr - which color: princesses16, leash18, englishc.
famous artist: schoolgirls05, neoarcadia14, historyb.
old library books: magvel09, west05, historyb.
voice talent: villainsg18, bara07, musicc.
memory: newgen17, butterflies14.
puzzle: windwaker04, mystery06, historyb, member token.
video club: hanagumi12, heartless19, historyc.
rejected titles: azure11, green15, musicb.

22 Apr - Traded my Dalmasca03, Hunters09, Ito01, Ito04, Ito14, Ito20, Love09, Prettycure04, and Trigger07 for Phantom06, Seed19, Thanatos20, Maximum19, Ocarina19, Forest09, Ivalice14, Style10, and Style20 with KellieDee.
Traded my berry11/18, infinity13, lapistier05 and truestar04 for victorian07, genesis01, geostigma18 and saucer11/12 with Suidorime.

20 Apr - New Decks: infinity13, sos13, truestar04.
10 puzzle: stolen19, pherae12, wingfield03, prophecy18, twins02, metatag18, sinnoh04, nightclass19, hunters09, laws07, magdalene12, youma03, extra x2, special.
puzzle: sacred11, phantom10, artb, member token.
memory: genos17, leafe04.
video club: tachibana01, laws01, musicc.
voice talent: zearth11, nerv08, historyc.
old library books: devil06, berry11, artb.
famous artist: promise15, embryo03, historyb.
which color: magi05, windwaker13, musicc.
card scramble: heartless20, deus01, historyc.
comedy section: thanatos05, calamity08, englishc.
slots: royale07, apoptosis16, mechanical06, musica, englishb, englishc.
war: harmonia10, bbcompany19.
screen confusion: ballistics06, tattoo03, artb.
music lesson: vortex13, lapistier05, musica.
game profile: dalmasca01, eldeen12, historyb, member token.
student profile: vampire07, silverberry19, scienceb, member token.
rejected titles: style14, kingdoms13, artb.


23 Mar - Traded shinrabanshou20 for genesis09 with Suidorime.
Traded overdose19 for shikon16 with Kaz.
New Decks: survival14, lapistier10, berry18.
Card Claim: fraulein06, adena04/08, and lenneth10/19.

Went on hiatus.

21 Mar - 10 Puzzle Donations x7: mascots08, geostigma08, needless18, jupiter06, mask15, beloved13, vector17, extra x7.
card scramble: terresia17, feather17, englishc. slots: ranger13, forest07, escape08, historya, musicb, artc. screen confusion: library14, magi16, artb.

20 Mar - Traded twin17, society17/19, approach04/18, gramarye06, otaku09/12, pirates08, strawberry17, cicada03, zaibatsu07, heaven06, mechanical16, and oath18 for seed12, reploid05, sakabatou09, shikon19, will01, adena06, sylvarant12, newgen15, betrayal15, esper07/11, fraulein08/12/16, and ivalice11 with Arianne.

18 Mar - puzzle: mascots12, tamago04, musicb, member token.
memory: district06, shinrabanshou20.
video club: geostigma04, reyvateil18, artc.
old library books: mythril19, heart17, historyb.
famous artist: princesses07, newgen18, englishb.
which color: sacred19, kusabi13, artc.
student profile: twins16, trick13, scienceb, member token.
game profile: windwaker20, ghoul19, englishb, member token.
mystery isbn: azure04, farm12, musicb, member token.
rejected titles: brawl01, fraulein10, englishb.
Traded arkscepter04, clow14, deus08, saiyan18 and couplesm13/20 for adena01/05/20, donut18 and vampiresm07/16 with PrincessShaman.
Traded dawn07, windwaker03/10 and runemidgard12/20 for ivalice04, astral06, shikon18, newgen14, and samurai19 with Suidorime.

16 Mar - Traded karekano07/08 for levitation11 and forest05 with Laura.
Traded treat14, cresta20, darkness07/17, kurukuru04 and shinrabanshou16 for princesses11, victorian15, prophecy13/19/20 and thanatos14 with Suidorime.
New Decks: dawn07, pirates08, genesis11/12.
Mastered esthar: genesis06, genesis04, lotis07, laws03.
Mastered princess: dual08, genesis05, wingfield06, rakuen05.

14 Mar - card scramble: chopin07, tachibana16, historyc.
lucky match: dual15, englishc.
slots: ribbon13, future05, leap16, sciencea, artb, artc.
screen confusion: checkmate08, angel11, historyb.
Grades Exchange: arkscepter02, attorney04, attorney15, auracite10, babysitter02, badluck12, betrayal03, bracelet12, brush02, chaos10, club13, darc13, darkness17, dual01, dual10, eitoku06, emblem14, embryon14, epitaph11, errands13, esper03, esper18, esthar06, esthar11, esthar17, esthar19, esthar20, feather18, fuyuki05, gramarye06, homunculus09, iroha03, ivalice06, ivalice17, ivalice19, july07, jusenkyo01, jusenkyo06, jusenkyo18, karekano03, leap09, levitation19, magicalgirls03, malice14, mana13, natural17, nergal20, nyanko05, objection10, objection19, ocarina14, ocarina15, ocarina20, overlord01, overlord16, pandora09, pendragon01, pendragon02, pendragon04, phantom19, pinky12, princess02, princess03, princess09, princess10, princess12, princess13, princess15, princess16, princess18, reploid01, reploid02, reploid03, reploid20, resistance11, riders20, samurai08, samurai20, scissorman12, seed07, seed08, seed09, shibuya08, shikon04, society17, space07, strawberry17, sylvarant01, symphony10, thanatos04, trigger07, trois06, trois08, troupe18, twili04, twin17, vampiresm10, west14.

11 Mar - puzzle: witch02, chimera02, musicb, member token.
memory: chicago01, furien04.
video club: violin02, terresia20, artc.
voice talent: despair10, knight13, sciencec.
which color: donut13, ribbon06, sciencec.
Traded assassin12, passion10 and resistance06 for adena18, astral02 and bara11 with Windy.
Traded detective20, heaven14, july17, laws01, laws11, laws20, leafe06, leafe07, limit01, magi10, magi18, smile07,whiteflower07, zodiac13 for attorney01, attorney17, bara05, bracelete06, newgen10, objection16, ocarina08, overlord05, princess08, reploid04, seed04, seed05, sylvarant09, shikon05 with Ecks.

8 Mar - Traded liscence13 for saucer05 with Mayumi.
Traded reyvateil05 and shinrabanshou19 for my victorian03 and shikon03 with Kaz.
Traded witch16+17, seishun18, license07+13+20, despair16 for victorian13, sylvarant04, phantom07, medium17, esper04,+14 and objection08 with Kartoffel.
New Decks: fever13, morgue10, roanapur06.
screen confusion: sylvarant14, daein10, scienceb.
comedy section: shudelmir12, retribution08, sciencec.
slots: chaos19, angel19, mechanical16, arta, artb, englishc.
card scramble: chii07, cross01.

4 Mar - Grades Exchange: englishb x3, musicb x5, sciencea x3, scienceb x5, and all c grades x8: approach04, attorney07, balance04, bastille07, blood19, brigade06, brigade07, brigade08, brigade09, busters16, celestial13, contractor04, couplesm20, darkness10, darkness11, darkness12, dats02, drops06, elibe17, friends01, geostigma09, hachiyou08, halo05, hopeless12, kanto06, kirsche02, license13, meister14, minerva10, mint09, mitochondria09, nomoney14, noname18, norse15, novel02, phantom20, psypher20, requiem01, requiem02, requiem03, requiem08, requiem10, requiem12, requiem15, requiem17, reyvateil05, runemidgard20, saucer10, scrapyard13, scroll11, senshi06, shinra02, shinrabanshou19, sixteen20, sky09, traveler20, treasure06, west19, witch17.
game donation x2: youma09, detective10, jupiter02, extra x3.
Which Color: trigger07, comic01, artc.
Old Library Books: bastille01, kanto17, englishb.
Puzzle: orochi08, immortal14, scienceb, member token.
Memory: hachiyou10, poison09.
Video Club: class04, ballet15, historyc.
mastered darkness: brigade03, brigade05, child11, calamity04.
mastered blood: lunar02, lunar03, priestess04, matsuri13.
mastered requiem: lunar07, lunar17, sixteen19, kurogane07.
mastered brigade: esthar09, esthar14, levitation05, levitation04.
mastered lunar: prophecy11, prophecy16, kanto17, kurenai14.

3 Mar - ten puzzle: novel10, red05, couplesm13, schoolgirls04, mascots13, shinra04, brush19, judges07, gaea13, otaku01, azure04, will18, style01, extra x2, special.
rejected titles: farm15, kitty07, musicb.
game profile: dual07, brigade18, musicb, member token.
student profile: eitoku03, witch16, scienceb, member token.
Art A Prize: trick13, shinsengumi05, dragoon11, football16, elibe09, sciencea, member token.
English A Prize: villainsg07, darkness07, adonis07, brother11, white17, sciencea, member token.
History A Prize: princesses05, attorney06, overlord17, shinrabanshou16, arms20, englisha, member token.
Music B Prize: princes18, resistance06, royale15, englishb, member token.
Science B Prize: vampiresm02, amanto19, coordinator14, englishb, member token.

1 Mar - Traded embryo20 for fraulein01 + mc with Yume.
Traded black10, dogs11, idol10,izayoiki07, koneko04, kusabi17, kyou03, mechanical16, pandora07, release07 and 15, shinrabanshou07 for my trick02, victorian14, prophecy14, bara14, bracelet09, esper17, forest18, ivalice13, maximum10, ocarina06, pendragon17, sylvarant10 with Laura.
comedy section: mythril08, shambala10, historyc.


28 Feb - Traded bastille01 for betrayal19 +mc with Karen.
Puffer ABC: clow14, lotis18.
Referral rewards: 2 extra credits.
New decks: idol10, koneko04, giygas20.
Traded couplesm06, parody08, destiny19, lemures19, release09, release10 & hollow04 for princes14, maximum06, medium10, astral19, will13, victorian16 & prophecy03 with Ryan.

25 Feb - Traded bohra11/17 for princess07, prophecy12 +mc with Kilika.
Traded chii05, voice11, vampire03, vampire18, twins07, twins17 for bracelet14, club15, will07, victorian04, vampiresm09, azure20 + member cards with ChibaChi.
puzzle: hourglass04, treasure04, artb, member token.
memory: slave05, overdose19.
video club: lemures19, nishimata13, englishc.
voice talent: saint19, wings11, artc.
old library books: newgen01, victorian17, musicb.
famous artist: lunar05, library01, scienceb.
which color: pendragon03, assassin14, sciencec.
Traded DATS06, Digivolve08, Django11, Django12, Lemures03, Lemures12, Needless07, Needless20, Sunflower06, Sunflower07, Trigger09, Trigger10, and Trigger18 for Blood11, Blood18, Adena03, Adena07, Attorney18, Bara01, Bara17, Checkmate13, Levitation12, Maximum15, Ocarina01, Ocarina07, Sylvarant10 with KellieDee.

24 Feb - Traded noise14 for esthar18 with Kartoffel.
screen confusion: psypher09, heaven14, englishb.
war: not lucky.
card scramble: rosary07, digivolve08, englishc.
lucky match: nope.
slots: krusnik08, scholar12, armors13, sciencea, englishb, historyc.
Doubles Exchange: bohra14, books06, bracelet10, craymel11, district15, exorcist04, heaven06, immortal20, kusabi13, magvel09, mascots10, melody07, mission10, nandemo16, orphan11, parody08, riders02, scales08, school14, shougi15, symphonia12, tiara01, twins07, vampire18, vampiresm03, zoanoid19, azure03, bara04, crossfire20, destiny19, forest15, hollow04, ito14, memories08, oath18, ikaru13, green07, gullwings06, couplesm06, welcomeback12, mascots20, magicalgirls12.
Traded furien09 for maximum16 +mc with TsukinoFabii.
puzzle: nishimata02, devil07, historyb, member token.
memory: clow04, cresta20.
video club: society19, zodiac13, musicc.
voice talent: treat14, diclonius13, musicc.
old library books: farm03, ito04, scienceb.
which color: nishimata11, devil01, englishc.
rejected titles: friends06, ivalice02, englishb.
game profile: betrayal03, across18, historyb, member token.
student profile: lenneth08, green16, historyb, member token.

23 Feb - Card Swap: movies14 for auracite14.
Traded immortal18 for victorian19 + mc with Arisa.
Mastered Member Badge Set #3: Set of A grades, two extra credits.

22 Feb - Traded bell14, dats06, gaea03/11/15/18, paradox02, priestess02/05/11/14/19/20, shadow07/11, and trauma11 for requiem13, victorian20, prophecy01, aurucite12/15/18, betrayal08, esthar10, lenneth06, leviation18, lunar20, objection17, reploid07, sakabatou14, saucer03, and thanatos03 with Bunny.

21 Feb - Traded bitbeasts14, darc11, dark15, leap18, pendragon16 for phantom01, sakabatou08, sakabatou11, sylvarant16, will04 with Ice Archeress.
Traded feather02/15 for geostigma07 and will06 with Kartoffel.
New Decks: victorian01/02, prophecy06/15, pandora07.

19 Feb - Traded cremia01, crossfire02, lemures14, photograph07, razenshia15, tellius03, twins02 and twins04 for blood10, betrayal12, lunar11, lunar12, lunar13, astral20, trick05 and vampiresm06 with Kaz.

18 Feb - Famous Artist: esthar08, treat08, artb.
New Deck: azure12, azure14.

17 Feb - Valentine's Picks: trois01, astral03.
New Decks: furien09, mechanical16, will11.
puzzle: windwaker03, bitbeasts14, musicb, member token.
memory: princes06, expel15.
video club: red06, dalmasca03, historyc.
voice talent: adonis03, green05, musicc.
old library books: astral14, makeup20, scienceb.
famous artist: attorney02, ivalice01, englishb.
which color: tasukete12, youma04, sciencec.
card scramble: smile17, sakabatou07, sciencec.
comedy section: arms10, pink14, artc.
lucky match: not lucky.
slots: lens18, emperium17, demon19, musica, artb, historyc.
war: minerva17, akuma10.
music lesson: mint12, artist04, historya.
screen confusion: seed01, twins14, englishb.
Art A Prize: vampiresm17, vector18, triumph18, princess05, shinsengumi19, sciencea, member token.
English A Prize: treat20, reploid11, license20, empress12, brawl15, arta, member token.
History A Prize: white06, mask10, nomoney12, ito01, tenkai05, arta, member token.
Music B Prize: schoolgirls03, across15, voice11, englishb, member token.
Science B Prize: treat09, eitoku12, club14, historyb, member token.
Doubles Exchange: trois17 for kurenai13.
Card Swap: digivolve02 for objection02.

10 Feb - Deck (image) Donation: princesses05, overlord20, nights06, butler16, extra x2.
New Decks: smile07, shinrabanshou07, resonance08.

9 Feb - Traded errands18 and overdose17 for my blood20 and dual18 with Laura.
Traded twins07 for green20, member cards, and chii10, alice12, oniichan3/10/12 for lunar15, ivalice03, needless20, and checkmate11/18 with Chi-cama.
Traded adlibitum16, etria12, lovesong07, reyvateil04 and terresia07 for my attorney12/20, esper15, medium12 and newgen20 with suidorimesuidorime.
card scramble: blade07, iris05, historyc.
comedy section: aurora07, avalonia03, artc.
lucky match: diablo11, artc.
screen confusion: lemures03, snowfall11, englishb.
slots: wired06, movies14, etoile15, englisha, musicb, historyc.
Grades Exchange: darkness14, darkness15, darkness16, darkness17, darkness20, host13, host14, host17, netherworld05, netherworld07, netherworld08, netherworld09, netherworld10, netherworld13, netherworld14, netherworld15, netherworld17, snowfall10, snowfall13, snowfall14, snowfall15, snowfall19, wind11, wind12, wind17, wind20, passion10, spiral12, sunflower02, netherworld18, netherworld19.
Mastered Host: snowfall02, snowfall16, nightclass08, butterflies15.
Mastered Snowfall: blood03, blood05, ivalice10, bell14.
Mastered Wind: brigade13, brigade15, trois17, school06.
Mastered Netherworld: brigade18, brigade20, assassin11, despair16.

4 Feb - New Decks: grandstaff08, noise14, phantom14.
puzzle: host08, scissorman04, historyb, member token.
memory: millennion08, melody15.
video club: bell20, master19, historyc.
old library books: auracite05, feather16, historyb.
which color: dalmasca20, frozen14, sciencec.
comedy section: sylvarant18, phantom02, englishc.
screen confusion: sky01, west02, scienceb.
slots: makeup14, slave19, edge20, musica, musicb, sciencec.
card scramble: paris05, esthar05, englishc.
Traded fate11, stranger11&12 for my brigade17, lenneth11 and wind16 with Laura.
Traded treasure02, riders11 for dounut19, phantom11, and mc with Kartoffel.
Traded embryo20, fireball01 and surgeon10 for my darkness13, brigade01, and objection11 with Miku.
lucky match: license07, artc.


29 Jan - Rejected Titles: kurukuru04, riders11, musicb.
puzzle: west07, harem18, scienceb, member token.
memory: dogs08, princesses18.
video club: sunflower06, dark15, musicc.
old library books: runemidgard12, fallen14, scienceb.
famous artist: twins17, ballet04, englishb.
which color: princes10, feather02, historyc.
mastered jewel: netherworld02, netherworld03, crystal18, traveler08.

26 Jan - Grades Exchange: darkness18/19, knight07, prince07, darkness01-05/08, jewel18, edge12, jewel19/20, netherworld06/11/12/16, host05/10/20, and wind01/07/08. New Decks: needless07, reyvateil04, bohra17.

25 Jan - card scramble: mission07, zodiac03, artc.
lucky match: shadow11, sciencec.
slots: seishun18, strawberry11, nobodies18.
war: karekano08, eldeen10.
Traded katena08,12,14 and imperial03 for host07, levitation13, objection05 and wind03 with Laura.
Traded billion11, emperium20, noir17, royale12, voice17 for netherworld20, dual03, jusenkyo19, seed02, seed05 with Ice Archeress.

23 Jan - Traded Ace04/15 for Esper06 and Wind18 with Kartoffel.
Traded shibuya13 and odessa11 for Brigade02 and brigade11 with Lucathia.

21 Jan - puzzle: objection01, lemures12, historyb, member token.
memory: kaitou04, heart16.
video club: sacred20, feather15, sciencec.
famous artist: medium09, shibuya13, artb.
old library books: lunar01, royale12, musicb.
which color: etoile20, brother03, artc.

20 Jan - Traded magdalene19, coach10 and mamono08 for astral01, princess17, and shikon14 with Elvy.
Traded red08, blackmail09, retribution09, beastman10, 17, babysitter08 & parody15 for trick04, requiem20, sylvarant08, thanatos11, esper12, 19 & 20 with Ryan.
Traded ohtori04, ohtori08 and cephiro04 and cephiro18 for ballet05, drops04/07, and memories12 with Aurora.
New Decks: lemures14, crossfire02, odessa11.
Traded twins03, nights07, shugosei08, and tachibana16 for 10000cards11, snowfall03, and host01/12 with Windy.
mastered 10000cards: purify02, purify07, purify14, purify19, sand06, chimera15, chaotic18, lucifer16.
mastered purify: jewel16, jewel17, jupiter10, brother13.
Card Claim: blood16 and ocarina13.

17 Jan - Traded norse02 and shudelmir15 for priestess14 and vampire03 with Akenon.
lucky match: nyanko14, sciencec.
war: lost.
card scramble: vampiresm09, angelframe07, sciencec.
screen confusion: black19, esper03, englishb.
slots: chaotic04, otaku05, chaos14, sciencea, historyb, musicc.
Traded mascots03 for 10000cards19 with Akenon.

14 Jan - Traded babylon04,06, psypher05, white06 for darkness07, samurai15, esthar07 and princesses09 with Laura.
Puzzle: forest11, objection06, musicb, member token.
memory: adena02, host19.
video club: priestess05, wind04, sciencec.
voice talent: black17, sylvarant17, historyc.
old library books: host04, reploid06, musicb.
which color: reploid17, pendragon15, musicc.

12 Jan - Traded princesses08, chopin02 and etoile10 for princesses02 and lunar14/19 with Suidorime.
Traded pink07 and couplesm14 for 10000cards02/13 with Elin.
Art A Prize: welcomeback10, black16, trois17, futago06, vector06, sciencea, member token.
English A Prize: black09, diclonius10, peach12, kendo05, youma17, arta, member token.
History B Prize: twins07, riskbreaker04, levitation15, scienceb, member token.
Music B Prize: white06, twilight09, rosary18, scienceb, member token.
Science B Prize: villainsg03, sin14, heal10, musicb, member token.
Traded library02/17 for darkness06, and pendragon19 +mc with Haseo.
Traded black11/16 for 10000cards03/15 with Lucathia.

11 Jan - New Decks: darkness09, magdalene19, chopin02.
Traded couplesm13 for princesses15 and membercards with Ryan.

10 Jan - card scramble: blood05, across14, historyc.
war: aurora04, pink01.

8 Jan - Traded zodiac13 for betrayal13 with Laura.
puzzle: couplesm14, toudou20, musicb, member token.
memory: mystery12, kfight13.
video club: jusenkyo14, nocturne11, historyc.
which color: schoolgirls06, mythril07, sciencec.
old library books: lunar09, love09, scienceb.

4 Jan - New Decks: errands18, coach10, plaga16.
screen confusion oops: momo10, leash17, artb.
comedy section: minerva11, chii05, artc.
donated twilight11 to group collect.
card swap: shuri08 for host08.
puffer abc: donated digidestined03.
Traded drops14,18 and despair17 for samurai05, requiem18, pendragon11 with Laura.
Traded mint07 and shibuya10 for astral05 and geostigma02 with Suidorime.
10 puzzle #1: kfight19, treasure02.
10 puzzle #2: empire11, bastille02.
10 puzzle #3: blade10, assassin12.
10 puzzle #4: detective20, cremia01.
10 puzzle #5: twins02, shinigami04.
10 puzzle final: otaku10, priestess20, celestial16, extra x2, special.
Group Collect round 15: britannia03, emigre11.
Group Collect round 16: blue18.

3 Jan - card scramble: ito20, noir17, sciencec.
lucky match: couplesm13, space12, artb.
screen confusion: lunar18, objection20, scienceb.
slots: musou15, alchemy15, darc11, arta, musicb, historyc.


31 Dec - puzzle: mascots18, ivalice18, historyb, member token.
memory: busters16, matsuri12.
video club: amanto08, jigoku16, historyc.
old library books: shikon15, books14, historyb.
voice talent: bouken18, shambala04, musicc.
which color: heartless18, norse08, historyc.
Traded blackmail10 for snowfall12 with Ryan.

28 Dec - Traded santa09 for snowfall17 with Fafnirh.
New Decks: netherworld04, netherworld01, leap18, shibuya10.
Traded britannia20, lovesong18, and twins03 for snowfall18, lunar08, and treat15 + mc with Kenta.
video club: pendragon07, malice12, historyc.

27 Dec - Traded contract04 for snowfall06 with Grammarly.
card scramble: bastille01, esthar01, englishc.
comedy section: drifter12, hoshigami18, music.
slots: scramble14, wings03, emperium20, musica, historyb, musicc.
war: lovesong18, fallen05.

26 Dec - Rudolph: laws01, mask04, slave20, artb.
Found them all: kurogane10, terresia07, empire14, elibe15, twins03, mascots03, historyb, musica, extra.

25 Dec - Blitzen: wishes17, tiara04, saiyan18, englishb.
Traded dark03, drops03, model13 for jusenkyo11, princess20, seed18 with Laura.
Advent Calendar: parody15, vector16, wind15, princes15, arta, scienceb, musicc.
Traded trapnest20, sin06 & riders15 for overlord09, wind10 & esper10 with Ryan.

24 Dec - Advent Calendar: princesses08, adena10, arta, scienceb, musicc.
Donner: pink07, armors06, valmar03, historyb.
Doubles Exchange: armors06, valmar03, jupiter08 for bitbeasts04, knight01, daein04.
puzzle: snowfall20, trigger09, scienceb, member token. memory: love02, leafe06. old library books: neoarcadia20, villainsg10, musicb. voice talent: katena07, ocarina11, historyc. famous artist: esthar02, magicalgirls19, historyb. which color: mint07, school20, englishc.

23 Dec - Advent Calendar: arta, historyb, artc.
Traded brawl08 for purify15 + mc with Mataten_PW.
Traded nandemo16 for snowfall01 + mc with Ecks.
Card Swap: judges16, rose12, and fusion17 for reploid16, bastille12, and seed17.

22 Dec - Advent Calendar: blackpearl16, heartless11, sciencea.
Cupid: shinsengumi14, debt13, brawl08, musicb.
Traded seishun20, stranger16 for shikon20 and blood12 with Lucathia.
Traded red07 for pink05 with Elvy.
Traded beloved05,08, contract05,09, model17, momo14 for reploid13, sakabatou06, shikon02, wind05/13 and blood08 with Laura.
mastered pink: snowfall04, snowfall07, tellius03, scales10, master06, mystery17

21 Dec - Advent Calendar: rosary01, magicalgirls17, englisha.
Comet: eitoku04, kingdoms11, oath07, englishb.
Card scramble: trapnest15, across06, englishc.
comedy section: kimlasca03, judgment16, musicc.
codebreaker: strahl13, adlibitum16, musicb, member token.
lucky match: etria12, arkscepter10, scienceb.
slots: approach18, nandemo16, mythril04, englisha, scienceb, musicc.
war: lost.
game profile: circus09, neoarcadia19, artb, member token.
doubles exchange: eitoku04 for stardust06.

20 Dec - Advent Calendar: riddle08, novel01, historya.
New Decks: overdose17, apoptosis17, terresia17.
Dancer: billion11, wingfield05, leyline20, musicb.
Prancer: brush13, hamham12, vatican12, scienceb.
Vixen: geostigma03, digivolve02, voice17, musicb.

19 Dec - Advent Calendar: princesses17, jusenkyo12, englishb.

18 Dec - Advent Calendar: adena12, couplesm08, musicb.

17 Dec - Advent Calendar: digidestined03, spirits13, artb.
Dasher: books08, flash13, brigade10, artb.
Doubles exchange: spirits13 for colony10.
Grades Exchange: revolution01/05/10/16/18/19, nightclass02/04/05, release10, kitty09, peach11, nightclass06/09/11/12/13/20, jewel01, babysitter08, jewel08/09/10/11/13, crystal19, zodiac13, crystal03/04/05/06/16/18, space03/05/13/15/16/19, valmar03, taiyou18, geostigma09, magicalgirls02, blackmail09, swordian05, kitty06, white16, diclonius16, ohtori08, otaku12, pendragon16, pendragon12, stage01, tartarus12, model13, heian12, tellius09, levitation16, magi18, kusabi17, royale03, mana07, heal01, chii10, illegal03.
level up to Professor: senshi01, senshi04, pherae10, black11, millennium08, algo18, epitaph09, cross19.
mastered revolution: senshi05, senshi09, otaku09, jupiter08.
mastered space: senshi13, senshi14, seasons01, cresta15.
mastered crystal: senshi18, jewel14, contractor06, shugosei08.
mastered nightclass: purify03, purify05, dats14, shipwreck07.
mastered senshi: purify16, purify18, arolandia09, thanatos02.
puzzle: sixteen04, akuma04, artb, member token.
memory: newgen04, trigger10.
video club: contract04, triumph02, historyc.
voice talent: shikon09, july17, artc.
old library books: drops18, scroll16, artb.
which color: shikon01, bloodyrose10, artc.
card scramble: betrayal09, medium20, englishc.
codebreaker: armors06, eres13, englishb, member token.
lucky match: lens14, oath01, amnesia20, englisha.
slots: genbu12, mamono20, babylon04, historya, musicb, musicc.
war: silmeria07, ohtori04.
screen confusion: fuyuki16, school16, musicb.
game profile: colony15, awakening15, englishb, member token.

16 Dec - Advent Calendar: matsuri19, contract05, artc.

15 Dec -New Decks: contract09, snowfall09, santa09.
Advent Calendar: promise16, hawk05, historyc.
Got space02 for shinsengumi11 with Laura.
Traded nightclass19, chicago14, practice11 for blood09, wind19, and revolution15 with Elvy.
Traded culinary20, symphony13, farm01, objection04, princesses04 for nightclass14, auracite08, betrayal05, lenneth20, and pink19 with Ice Archeress.
Doubles Exchange: 10000cards06, pink06/15, vampiresm10 for trick15, princes09, black10, and 10000cards04.

12 Dec - Advent Calendar: vampiresm10, royale20, cicada03.
puzzle: vampire19, nishimata04, englishb, member token.
memory: esthar15, circus13.
video club: nightclass07, spiral01, englishc.
voice talent: pink06, attorney19, englishc.
student profile: thanatos10, jewel15, artb, member token.
old library books: psypher05, bastille19, englishb.
famous artist: kurenai15, beginning07, scienceb.
which color: princes12, harmonia04, musicc.
card scramble: blood04, thanatos07, englishc.
codebreaker: armors06, eres13, englishb, member token.
lucky match: villainsg01, chronos03, artb.
war: rondo02, peacock09.
screen confusion: twins04, nightclass19, musicb.

10 Dec - Advent Calendar: fortuna10, historya.
slots: leafe07, pendragon05, verbena14, englisha, scienceb, englishc.

7 Dec - Got Treat03, 06, Trick20 for Princes01, Couples(m)08,10 And got Revolution17, Crystal15 and Betrayal11 for Assassin18, Blackmail19, Flower03 with Zephyr.
New Decks: bbcompany15, kurukuru15, loveme15.

6 Dec - Advent Calendar: otaku08, reploid13, tartarus05, calamity13.
Got space14 for crystal20 plus member card trade with Aurora.

5 Dec - Advent Calendar 5: sin09, artb.
Traded nostalgia07 for blood02 with Kaz.
Traded novel15 and shutter11 for newgen09 and pendragon13 with Laura.

4 Dec - Advent Calendar 4: taiyou06, escape18.

3 Dec - Advent Calendar 3: gigas14, historyc.
puzzle: princesses04, bastille17, historyb, member token.
memory: 10000cards06, sin06.
video club: bouken15, alice12, artc.
student profile: red07, levitation07, scienceb, member token.
old library books: fireball01, pherae06, englishb.
which color: delivery17, decisions20, sciencec.
Art B Prize: black11, exorcist18, symphony13, musicb, member token.
English A Prize: pink15, seishun08, red08, babylon15, release15, scienca, member token.
History B Prize: couplesm08, model17, vampiresm01, musicb, member token.
Music C Prize: princes01, musicc, member token.
Science B Prize: princesses16, lenneth09, toy06, historyb, member token.

2 Dec - Advent Calendar 2: imperial09, donut13.
Traded kira08 for seed15 with Laura.
Traded couplesm18, dalamasca15, flamehaze06 for white16, seed03, seed10 with Ryan.
mastered white: crystal08, crystal09, drops14, ballet06, magi10, shudelmir04.
doubles exchange: shudelmir04 for falena01.

1 Dec - Advent Calendar 1: crystal01, musicc.


30 Nov - Puffer ABC: calamity17, nergal03.
Deck donation Rewards: verbena17, beloved08, demoneyes08, adlibitum13, extra x2.
New Decks: district07, shadow07, lovesong07, covenant07, photograph07.
Card Swap: ghoul04 for twili04.

29 Nov - Saturday Games
card scramble: magi05, dalmasca15, artc.
codebreaker: shutter11, tattoo06, englishb, member token.
music lesson: arkscepter04, solieu14, englisha.
screen confusion: fate11, paris01, englishb.
slots: memories02, seven15, twin14, arta, historyb, englishc.
game profile: django16, iris07, musicb, member token.

28 Nov - Traded red02 for pink03 with Ryan.
Traded edo20, shutter20 and trauma02 for nightclass08, trois15 and purify17 with Kaz.

26 Nov - Wednesday Games:
puzzle: fireball13, shudelmir15, musicb, member token.
memory: dogs11, trois13.
video club: pendragon09, trauma11, historyc.
voice talent: trauma02, zaibatsu07, sciencec.
famous artist: red02, cephiro04, englishb.
which color: curse08, matsuri09, musicc.
New Decks: edo20, seishun20, shutter20.
Traded guitar20 for reploid08 with Laura.

24 Nov - Traded member cards with Teme.
Traded alter20, approach07, bracelet14, cicada17, heaven01, krusnik17/19, lullaby08, seishun12, society14, strawberry06/15, style05, twin19, and zaibatsu13/14 for space20, donut16, host09/16, jusenkyo04/12/15/20, lenneth05/14/20, purify01/04/09/11, and trois20 with Arianne.

22 Nov - card claim round 12: green10, club05, jusenkyo03.
card scramble: alice05, django11, artc.
codebreaker: vampiresm20, persona20, englishb, member token.
slots: kfight18, daein18, shuri08, musica, scienceb, artc.
war: lost.
screen confusion: esper16, fusion20, englishb.
game profile: treat05, senshi02, historyb, member token.
Traded blossom15 for thanatos13 + mc with Laura.
Traded family18 for lenneth01 + mc with Enge.
mastered bloodyrose: nightclass16, nightclass17, concerto13, child11.
mastered demon: nightclass18, nightclass19, seishun12, friends09.
Doubles exchange: concerto13 for nandemo20.

20 Nov - Traded dogs04, etria02, brush14, starcrossed10, tellius07/09, and vampiresm15 for astral04, space08, overlord10, thanatos09, senshi19, trois14, and pink01 with Kaz.

18 Nov - Wednesday Games:
puzzle: style05, trick16, artb, member token.
memory: laws11, aurora15.
video club: drops03, fate10, englishc.
voice talent: karekano07, ito03, englishc.
which color: couplesm10, krusnik19, historyc.

18 Nov - Traded feather10, toy06 and toy11 for senshi20, wind14, brigade12 with Ai.
Traded mascots04, colony12, gramarye20, leafe02/06/12/15/17, medium03/05/15, melody15, minerva14, ninja10 for 10000cards20, auracite04, auracite11, crystal01, crystal17, donut08, esper01, jusenkyo08, lenneth12, lunar06, newgen16, newgen19, reploid15, and saucer15 with Ice Archeress.
Traded pherae04 and pink07 for demon18 and 10000cards10 with Suidorime.
Traded kirsche01 for nightclass10 + member cards with Teme.

15 Nov - Saturday Games: screen confusion: purify12, mythril01, musicb.
music lession: host11, release07, musica.
card scramble: bloodyrose15,pink07, historyc.
slots: chii03, oniichan18, toy11, historya, englishb, englishc.
game profile: demon16, bloodyrose20, historyb, member token.
Traded ballistics18, triumph02, triumph12, and sunflower07 for purify04, wind20, saucer07, and thanatos19 with Elvy.

13 Nov - Wednesday Games:
which color: stardust15, gramarye20, englishc.
famous artist: princess11, sylvarant02, artb.
old library books: mascots04, wishes13, artb.
voice talent: princes05, feather10, sciencec.
video club: blood01, brush14, artc.
memory: lunar01, tattoo13.
puzzle: twili14, gaea11, historyb, member token.
student profile: thanatos12, sacred06, musicb, member token.

12 Nov - Traded my blue18 and comic06 for wind09 and princess14 with Aurus.
Traded my neoarcadia02, schoolgirls09, black14, magicalgirls04, and princes18 for bloodyrose09, pink12/14/18/20 with Windy.
Traded my commotion03, heart08, kimlasca01/10, scales02, tattoo07, princesses12/19 for eclipse08, host06, nightclass01/03, senshi08/15, and 10000cards16/17 + Member Cards with Kirisame.
Grades Exchange: white10, eclipse04/09/14/18, musou08/11/15/19, dhampir04/05/09/11/13, guardian02, bloodyrose03/04/05/10/11/13/14 .
mastered dhampir: guardian04, guardian11, overlord04, stranger11.
mastered musou: guardian12, guardian16, princesses06, kirsche01.
mastered guardian: eclipse20, demon02, scramble01, race03.
mastered eclipse: demon08, demon10, treat17, dragoon18.

11 Nov - doubles exchange: blackmail19, desire14, judges16, nishimata09, and hoshigami11 for spirits03, wired14, judges04, django12, and 10000cards01.
level up to Doctor: dhampir03, dhampir18, heroes04, stranger14, detective11, alter10, alter05, strawberry15.
doubles exchange: alter10 for fraulein05. Card Scramble: villainsg04, bracelet14, englishc.
Lucky Match: twilight11, historyc.
Slots: seasons19, blood13, nomoney10.
War: strawberry06, alter20.
Screen Confusion: vampiresm15, welcomeback17, historyb.
which color: black06, 10000cards07, sciencec.
old library books: dash15, elementary19, artb.

9 Nov - New Decks: paradox02, etria02, wind02.
Traded my west17, destiny07, red17 for brigade16, wind06, and vampiresm19 with Laura.
Link Donation Reward: tachibana16, laws20, trick01, prettycure04, jusenkyo07, society14, couplesm18, release09.

7 Nov - Traded digivolve12/18, chaos03, chronos06, digidestined11, drifter04/05/08, navi17, saiyan09, sin07/16, zodiac15, master13, slave14, trauma05/18, razenshia15, 10000cards08, couplesm09, magicalgirls02 for brigade14/19, crystal13, guardian05/20, purify08, revolution03, samurai09/10/14, space01/07, thanatos02/15, trios02/07/17, green15, princes01, and princesses04 with PrincessShaman.
Also traded akuma05, friends10, frozen19, hotline11, paris08, pherae05, pinky12, windwaker01 for astral12/16/18, donut04, lunar16, newgen08, purify10/13 with PrincessShaman.

6 Nov - Traded my butler09, devil20, gullwings09/14, hollow19, kaitou10, library13, lotis01/08/11/20, parody07, revenge14, release01, sin01/12/13, scholar01/05, white01/15 for crystal10/12, donut11/20, eclipse03/17, guardian10, jewel06, revolution09, samurai01, thanatos08, 10000cards05/12, senshi06/10/16/17, blood06/07/17, and esper05 with Ai.
Grades Exchange: artc x4, englishc x4, historyc x3, musicc x9, sciencec x8: gaea18, heart08, swordian04, despair17, ballistics18, heaven01, red15, surgeon10, shudelmir04, approach07, drifter08, crimson09, razenshia15, myths10, zodiac15, oniichan10, books18, judgment17, blood15, scales02, labyrinth18, stranger16, tenipuri05, objection04, chaotic12, chicago14, hunters12, friends10.

5 Nov - which color: thanatos16, magicalgirls04, musicc.
video club: kira08, revolution12, englishc. memory: circus01, seasons05.
puzzle, forest16, historyb, member token.
Birthday Present: set of "c" grades and two extra credits.
Traded stardust13, whiteflower07 for musou12 and astral15 + MC with Ermazing.

4 Nov - checkmate04, arolandia17, vampiresm04, hourglass17, maximum08, sixteen01, sylvarant11, space04, couplesm16, love13, circus04, princesses08, revolution14, extra x2, and special.

3 Nov - Traded my babysitter04, mint08, rakuen01/12, starcrossed12, nerv20, noir01, objection04/05, peacock01/04 and schoolgirls10 for crystal07/11, eclipse12, bloodyrose01, guardian06/14, musou09/10/20, requiem04/11, and pink13 with Iceymoon.
Traded my desire07/14 for eclipse19 and guardian18 with Lucathia.
Also traded my clow12, emperium16, heartless07, heartless17, heian12, izayoiki06, izayoiki08, kyou13, maoh10, otaku03, otaku11, otaku15, reploid09, royal06, royale18, vampire13, zodiac05 for samurai02, donut12/15, forest10, princess04, revolution02, space06/09/10/11/12/18, betrayal04, esthar03/04/16, and sakabatou07 with Lucathia.

1 Nov - music lesson: daein05, trois03, historya.
screen confusion: trois10, blue18, artb.
war: lost.
slots: nishimata09, nerv20, maximum11, musica, artb, sciencec.
game profile: levitation19, clow12, historyb, member token.
card scramble: ocarina05, fraulein15, englishc.
Art B Prize: green06, jupiter08, hawk09, englishb, member token.
English B Prize: white15, nights07, dats06, musicb, member token.
History C Prize: trick03, artc, member token.
Music C Prize: magicalgirls02, sciencec, member token.
Science B Prize: black14, passion17, toy06, historyb, member token.


31 Oct - Trick-or-Treat: initial cards: treat14, treat01, treat13. And the rest: trick17, otaku11. trick12, fraulein04. trick10, dash11. treat19, stardust13. treat10, green17, wings17. treat18, windwaker10. trick14, comic06. treat04, demon15.
Traded blue20, comic20, craymel11, coordinator10, daein04/09/13/16, Expel07, fireball07, natural08/14, Ohtori08/20, Ribbon08, Runemidgard14, and Seasons01/14 for aries12, assassin18, circus16/17, epitaph20, heian12, kurenai16, library17, origin13, pinky01, revolution20, samurai12, twin19, verbena12, esthar13, kyou13, family08, and zaibatsu13 + Member Cards with Aurus.
Traded fireball07, assassin01/05/20, delilah10/14, embryon19, feather08/11/19, halo20, persocom13, vatican09, witch10/19, villainsg10, welcomeback01, and exorcist06/09/13 for bloodyrose06, crystal02/14, guardian15, jewel05, musou01/02/04/06/07/14/16, revolution11, senshi03, sakabatou12, pink07/16, princess06, samurai04, and thanatos01 + Member Cards with Kitarakir.
Traded my magicalgirls10 for pink11 + Member Cards with Elvy.

29 Oct -Suggestion: crystal20, hoshigami11.
puzzle: sylvarant15, jusenkyo05, historyb, member token.
memory: ocarina10, pherae01.
video club: guardian07, reploid10, musicc.
old library books: princess01, britannia20, scienceb.
which color: pendragon16, princesses20, artc.

28 Oct - New Decks: princes17/18

25 Oct - screen confusion: shikon11, hanagumi20, historyb.
war: seasons01, tournament11.
codebreaker: daein16, delilah14, scienceb, member token.
card scramble: senshi11, emperium16, sciencec.
slots: sky14, auracite19, pearl15, englisha, musicb, musicc

23 Oct - puzzle: parody07, leafe02, musicb, member token.
memory: space17, spirits07.
video club: embryo20, dogs04, artc.
old library books: rain10, heart10, musicb.
which color: leafe06, dreams19, englishc.
card scramble: purify06, checkmate14, historyc.
slots: artist06, flower03, natural14, englisha, scienceb, musicc.
screen confusion: host18, dual09, musicb.
game profile: levitation10, iroha06, englishb, member token.

15 Oct - puzzle: green01, spirits13, englishb, member card.
video club: mission03, tellius07, musicc.
voice talent: beloved05, camera19, musicc.
old library books: princess05, trapnest20, artb.
famous artist: club04, exorcist13, historyb.
which color: overlord18, astral10, sciencec.
card scramble: daein13, ghoul02, sciencec.
slots: strahl20, katena12, edge07, englisha, musicb, sciencec.

screen confusion: heartless17, katena13, historyc.
game profile: white01, esthar12, englishb, member token.

5 Oct - Traded my zodiac16, delivery15 for demon05, guardian03 with edwardelrcikay.

2 Oct - Level up to Master: host02/03, immortal18, circus15, west17, gamers06, ranger08, judges16.
Mastered innocent, edge, amnesia, brush, shugosei, heroes, shinra, and baroque: empress01/02/04/05/07/10-14/17/18/20, and dhampir01/02/17, and 16 randoms:
princess19, persocom13, twili13, trauma18, contractor16, etoile10, noir01, royale18, coordinator10, mitochondria03, babylon06, halloween11, ribbon08, hokage19, hotline11, and navi17.
Letting me master empress: demon14, requiem05, himuro10, sin16.
Art B prize: white09, nishimata03, thanatos06, musicb, member token.
English B prize: welcomeback01, starcrossed12, scythe16, musicb, member token.
History C prize: black12, sciencec, member token.
Music C prize: 10000cards14, musicc, member token.
Science B prize: vampiresm11, forest03, host15, englishb, member token.

1 Oct - Which color: jewel02, seed14, historyc.
memory: trois04, katena14.
video club: rakuen12, lenneth04, musicc.
old library books: paris08, feather11, artb.
puzzle: dual06, club06, scienceb, member token.


28 Sept - Grades Exchange (all remaining tokens): brush01/02, innocent03, amnesia01, edge03/04/10, shugosei04/08, shinra04/08/09, edge13-17/20, amnesia03-05/07/08/11-13/15-20, brush03/04/06/08/09/11/15-17, shugosei10/11/15-18/20, heroes02/03/05-07/12-15/17/20, shinra11-13/15/17/19/20, baroque04/05/07/10-12/20, and empress15. 9 randoms: digivolve12, novel13, promise06, cephiro18, adonis05, melody15, gamers19, newgen07, digidestined17.

27 Sept - Saturday Games:
slots: seed13, gullwings09, master13, sciencea, historyb, musicc.
war: babylon01, ninja10.
game profile: frozen13, sunflower07, musicb, member token.

26 Sept - Traded my matsuri10, begining19, child13, and nobodies12/16 for edge09, amnesia02/09, requiem09, guardian09, plus trading member cards with Janai.
Grades Exchange: concerto04/02, kitty16/17/19, innocent10, shugosei18/20, labyrinth13/14, concerto09, silmeria05/15/16/18/20.
codebreaker: empress08, trauma05, historyb, member token.
cardscramble: frozen19, sin12, historyc.
Mastered MemberCards #2, Kitty, Concerto, Labyrinth, & Silmeria: ecure04, butterfiles09, revenge14, saiyan09, mint08, levitation04, krusinik17, akuma05, concerto12/17, labyrinth01/08, innocent01/02/05/14, set of B grades, two extra credits.

24 Sept - Traded my feather08/19, moon02/04, release01, ohtori08, destiny07, and witch10/19 for edge18, innocent17, labyrinth09, concerto14, bloodyrose19, shinra06/10, and brush12/13; also got heroes04/18, baroque06/09, demon06, and silmeria03/04 for gaea03/15, lullaby05/08/20, and revolution06/07 with Polar.
Wednesday Games:
which color: bloodyrose19, delilah18, musicc.
famous artist: riskbreaker06, starcrossed10, englishb.
old library books: delivery08, exorcist06, englishb.
memory: windwaker01, gullwings14.
puzzle: halo09, dragoon12, artb, member token.
Mastered Chronicle: trainwreck14, ohtori20, kitty13/15.

22 Sept - Traded my magvel02/03 for shugosei02/06 to Suidorime.
Traded my couplesm14, welcomeback06/14, symphony18, homunculus18, trauma15, adena15, debt14, emblem13, iris19/20, journey03, riddle02, and tellius13 for pink08/15, green04, guardian19, shugosei09, chronicle20, concerto08/19, dhampir10/14, and requiem07/14/16/19 with Kaz.
Traded my red18, levitation01, shambala12/16 for white01, edge19, labyrinth18, and kitty18 with PrincessShaman.
Traded my twins06, spring10 for magicalgirls09, edge06 + mc with EvilBo.

21 Sept - New Decks: Took amnesia06/10/14 (donation), dragoon16, and daein04/09.

20 Sept - Puffer ABC award: extra credit, rose12, rosary18
old library books: future20, gaea15, scienceb.
which color: adena15, sin13, englishc.
slots: nishimata09, objection04, diablo05, arta, englishb, englishc.
war: lost.
screen confusion: couplesm09, feather08, scienceb.

19 Sept - Traded my designer10, shipwreck07/08 for guardian08, edge11/12 with Wistaire.

18 Sept - Got innocent6/15, chronicle16, shugosei19, demon04, eclipse01, labyrinth12, and silmeria13/14 for my kira16, kusabi05, space20, maximum03/12, pornograph06, shuri14, hunters01/03 and traded member cards with Maija.
Mastered Rondo: otaku03, eclipse02, kitty10/11.

17 Sept -New decks: edge05/07 (edge08 for donating), betrayal16, magvel02/03.
puzzle: dragon10, django04, englishb, member token.
voice talent: starcrossed01, lullaby05, musicc.
memory: green12, camera13.
video club: crystal07, pink10, sciencec.
Traded my ito13, reborn13, and trapnest11 for Yulah's chronicles09/15 and edge02.
Traded my chaotic20, daybreak08, emperium02, evolution11, starcrossed01, society10, shougi15, iris11/18, brother09/15, across11, avalonia06, babo19, babylon01, bouken20, dscanner10, embryon06, fanatica12, genos05, justice18, makeup03, movies04, movies12, rakuen01, shuri19, soul19, spring10, trainwreck07, and trainwreck19 for guardian17, innocent04/11/13, labyrinth07/10/11/17, shugosei01/03/07/14, empress09, concerto07, eclipse10/13/15/16, heroes01/09/11/16/19, silmeria01/06/07/11/12/17/19 with Arianne.
Grades Exchange: chronicles06, rondo06-08, kitty13, rondo09/10/17, edge01, chronicles10/11/19, white05/13/18, matsuri10, circus16, valmar19, blackmail19, heartless07, exorcist09, blue20, novel15, twin20, reploid09, halo20, baroque19, lullabye08, trigger18, ace15, beginning19, destiny07, sacred05, spring10, brigade04, balance13, desire14, expel07, race15, sky02, amanto06, betrayal17, ecure08, avalonia02, hunters03, sin07.

16 Sept - Donated justice15 to PufferABC. New decks: edge05/07/08, betrayal16, magvel02/03.

15 Sept - Got bloodyrose02/16, dual05, labyrinth19, demon09, empress06/16, and concerto03/16/20 for my adena12, gaea09/14, attorney09, chii01, geostigma18, laws05, pendragon10, and persocom11/20 with El.

13 Sept - Saturday Games: Card Scramble: chronicle17, brush19, sciencec.
Lucky Match: Actually matched one?! blossom09, musicc.
Slots: judgment20, harmonia14, shambala16, sciencea, englishb, englishc.
War: nope.
Music Lesson: kimlasca20, emperium02, musica.
Screen Confusion: kusabi05, reploid09, scienceb.
Game Profile: trapnest11, scythe17, artb, member token.
Traded section901, seven12 and welcomeback17 for guardian13, release01 and pink02, and member cards with Lilly.

12 Sept 2008 - Traded gramarye19, dark08, heart05, heart06, villiansg16, and villiansg09 for innocent18, demon01, concerto05, concerto10, pink04, and vampiresm12; and swapped member cards with Azurei. Traded my guitar20, ace18, celestial14, 18, and shudelmir20 for eclipse10, shinra14, labyrinth20, brush05/20, and white11; and swapped member cards with Xerox. 11 Sept 2008 - Leftover Sat Games: Game Profile: adena14, geostigma20, englishb, member token.
Screen Confusion: jusenkyo18, akuma04, musicb.
War: shinra02, troupe05.

10 Sept 2008 - Wednesday Games: Puzzle: dhampir08, tellius09, musicb, member token.
Memory: hachiyou01, pink09.
Video Club: donut14, welcomeback17, sciencec.
Student Profile: concerto11, izayoiki06, englishb, member token.
Old Library Books: ivalice15, hanagumi13, historyb.
Which Color: vampire13, senshi15, historyc.
Traded my tartarus10/13, black12/19 for Roxiezeke's chronicle08, demon03, pink06, and 10000cards06.
Traded my senshi15 and mascots10 for Bunny's dhampir19 and 10000cards18; And swapped member cards.

9 Sept 2008 - Traded my coralian09, crimson14, psypher06, sacred17 for Kitty Nox's kitty09, baroque14, baroque18, concerto13.
Traded my elementary13/20, tattoo19, and 10000cards18 in exchange for chronicles05/07, innocent09, and green13 with Fafnirh.

8 Sept 2008 - Graduate to Bachelor: crimson14, imperial03, mystery05, ranger06, royale06, leafe12, rondo12/13.

7 Sept 2008 - Card Claim: crimson04, jewel04.
Mastered Crimson, Soul: shougi15, demon12, ohtori08, minerva14, and rondo01-04.
Music C Prize: mascots04, sciencec, member token.
History C Prize: green19, englishc, member token.
Trades: pending with Fafnirh: pending with El:

6 Sept 2008 - New decks: sakabatou03/04, pherae04/05, and society15.
Saturday games:
Card Scramble: brush18, witch19, and artc.
Lucky Match: no match...
Slots: Special Match! tenipuri16, babo19, ghost05, arta, englishb, englishc.
Donated a CRAPLOAD of dvd covers and screenshots... wound up with 160 new cards and 80 extra credits... Here they are:
10000cards08, delilah10, kaitou10, riddle02, ace07, demon07, kitty12, rondo14, ace18, demon13, kyou03, runemidgard14, across05, desire07, labyrinth04, saint13, across11, digivolve18, leafe15, samurai03, adena19, dreams07, leash04, scholar01, algo17, drifter05, lenneth07, schoolgirls10, amanto01, dscanner10, levitation17, section901, angel05, dual17, limit01, seven12, aries07, eclipse06, lotis11, shikon08, arolandia01, elementary14, lunar10, shinra16, arolandia18, elicoor09, lyrical17, shinsengumi11, assassin05, emblem13, makeup03, shuri14, babylon01, embryon06, mascots10, shuri19, balance19, empire09, mask06, silmeria02, beastman10, empress19, maximum03, silmeria09, beastman17, escape12, maximum12, silmeria10, black19, evolution11, medium03, slave14, blackmail10, family18, medium15, society10, blackmail19, farm01, meitantei16, song03, blackpearl18, feather19, mitochondria20, soul19, blood13, fireball07, model16, space20, blood14, forest14, moon02, spiral09, blossom15, fortuna19, moon04, stranger12, brother09, genos05, movies12, sylvarant13, brother15, gramarye19, musou13, taiyou10, brush07, guardian01, myths08, tartarus10, chaos03, guitar20, nomoney20, tartarus13, chaotic20, harem01, norse02, tasukete14, child13, homunculus18, oniichan03, tattoo07, cicada17, hoshigami06, pornograph06, tattoo19, clan07, hoshigami09, priestess19, trauma15, clan10, illegal11, princess19, trois05, commotion03, innocent07, princesses12, valmar08, concerto15, iris11, princesses19, vampiresm15, contractor18, iris18, problems11, verbena10, crimson06, iris20, rakuen01_2, welcomeback14, dalmasca02, izayoiki07, rakuen01, whiteflower07, daybreak08, jewel03, reborn13, witch10, debt14, justice15, retribution09, and zaibatsu14. WHEW!
Senior to Graduate: crimson05/14, choumen04, brush14, eden03, alter10, dark08, and dual04.
Puffer ABC: journey03, villainsg10, extra credit token.
Grades Exchange: crimson19/20, soul01/03/04/09/10/14/18, rondo15/18/20, chronicle14, chronicle01-04, kitty02/03/05/08

4 Sept 2008 - Traded my emperium06 for Ermazing's soul15.
Student Profile: coralian09, purify20, historyb, member token.
Which Color? 10000cards18, youma13, sciencec.
Old Library Books: flamehaze09, frozen05, historyb.

3 Sept 2008 - Wednesday games:
Puzzle: zaibatsu19, otaku15, englishb, member token.
Memory: shugosei05, fusion17.
Video Club: kira16, revolution08, musicc.

2 Sept 2008 - Traded member cards with El. Traded my ghoul09 for zombieguy's crimson18.
Old Library Books: hmm....
Which Color: jewel07, zodiac05, musicc.
Saturday games:
Card Scramble: scramble16, spring10, and englishc.
Lucky Match: there's a lot of cards...
Slots: Special Match! ecure12, lullaby20, winter20, musica, historyb, englishc.
War: Won! symphony18, peacock01.
Music Lesson: ___
Screen Confusion: ___
Game Profile: twins06, lenneth17, scienceb, member card.
Monthly Prizes:
Art C Prize: schoolgirls09, sciencec, member token.
English C Prize: couplesm14, sciencec, member token.
Science C Prize: villainsg09, historyc, member token.


29 Aug 2008 - Traded member cards with Sammie.

28 Aug 2008 - Traded my schoolgirls13 for Kiwi's white03. Traded member cards with MemoryWind.

27 Aug 2008 - Wednesday games:
Puzzle: ghoul04, across12, historyb, member token.
Memory: ghoul09, empress03.
Video Club: nobodies16, mission15, sciencec.
Voice Talent: priestess11, pendragon10, artc.
Student Profile: hachiyou04, emperium06, musicb, member token.
Famous Artist: farm02, falena05, historyb.

24 Aug 2008 - Traded my love08 for FafnirH's soul13. Traded my dual10 and razenshia16 for Suidorime's dark17/19.
Grades Exchange: fuyuki18, dark18, wishes02, crimson02.
Art C Prize: welcomeback06, sciencec, member token.
Mastered Fuyuki and Dark: psypher06, overlord08, white14, celestial14, wishes05/13/17/19.
Traded my 10000cards10 for Babar's white06. Traded member cards with Li.
Mastered Wishes: peacock04, attorney09, crimson09, crimson12.
English C Prize: red18, artc, member token.

23 Aug 2008 - Saturday games:
Card Scramble: natural08, katena08, and artc.
Codebreaker: samurai06, seasons14, musicb, member token.
Lucky Match: no match
Slots: Special Match! trainwreck07, eitoku04, assassin20, englisha, musicb, musicc.
War: Won! avalonia06, kirsche08.
Screen Confusion: evolution13,sin01 and englishb.
Game Profile: donut05, practice11, artb, member card.
Traded member cards with Lucathia. Traded my class12 for Joeyy's labyrinth05 and swapped member cards.
New cards: black12, princesses18, princesses03, 10000cards08/09/10, special x3.
Traded member cards with Queen Luna. Traded heart18, twili10, and ocarina18 for wishes06/20 and baroque08 with Chikky. Traded my adena12, armors20, checkmate08/18, kirshe03/08, pinky07, daybreak13, evolution13, oath04, persona03/04, style15 and welcomeback10 for crimson01/08/17, wishes10/12/16/18, soul08/17, shinra01, kitty06/14/20 and green05 with Arianne. Traded my vector05, spiral16, and scroll15 for fuyuki05/06 and soul11 with Sammie.

22 Aug 2008 - Traded my emblem14, winter12, balance11, class18, farm13, futago15, gullwings10, heartless11, lyrical06, mythril19, samurai01, wings10, mascots10 and villainsg06 for Babar's crimson07, innocent16, kitty01/04, rondo19, shinra03, chronicle12/18, eclipse11, heroes10, musou17/18 and white04/08. (whew!)

21 Aug 2008 - Traded artist19/20 for soul19/20 with Queen Luna.
Mastered: oscar: wings10, newgen12, fuyuki02 and dark14.
Level up to Senior: dark15/16, style15, craymel11, hopeless11, twili10, adena12, and winter12.

20 Aug 2008 - Wednesday games: Puzzle: labyrinth15, villainsg06, scienceb, member token.
Memory: song04, meifu12.
Video Club: hamham04, villainsg16, englishc.
Voice Talent: kitty07, trainwreck19, sciencec.
Student Profile: persocom20, farm13, scienceb, member token.
Old Library Books: elementary20, nomoney15, artb.
Famous Artist: brawl03, future13, artb.
Which Color: chii01, geostigma18, sciencec.
Cherstin gave me her cards because she's quitting: across20, armors20, bouken20, butler09, drifter04, justice18, lotis08/20, oath04, revolution13, sacred17, samurai01. And the tokens: extrax2, historyb, historyc, member token.
Grades Exchange: oscar14, fireball16, hotline13, fuyuki03/17, fireball15, and chaotic19.
Mastered: hotline, fireball, & chaotic: wishes09, hollow19, daybreak13, scrapyard10, orochi03, designer10, fuyuki08/09, dark10/11/13, and oscar15.
Science "C" Grade for the month: welcomeback10, artc, member token.

19 Aug 2008 - Traded twins03 for Suidorme's white07. Traded green11 and artist16 for Wistaire's white15 and dual02, and swapped member cards.
Game Profile: schoolgirls13, dalmasca19, artb, member card.

17 Aug 2008 - Traded across02, chicago06 for fuyuki15, wishes14 with Zombieguy, also swapped member badges.

16 Aug 2008 - Saturday games:
Card Scramble: heart18, innocent18, and musicc.
Codebreaker: culinary20, futago15, historyb, member token.
Lucky Match: nope...
Slots: Special Match! vampiresm10, izayoiki08, library13, arta, historyb, historyc.
War: Won! zodiac16, chronos06.
Arg, the Boss: artist20, gullwings10, musicb.
Traded my dalamasca05 for KellieDee's innocent12. Traded iroha20 for chaotic14 with Yulah, & swapped member badges. Traded magicalgirls19, emblem14, beloved13, badluck10/15, leafe08, tachibana20 for Windy's white02, baroque13, crimson16, labyrinth06, wishes04, dual20, and rondo11.
Grades Exchange: hotline15, oscar04/08, fireball07/11/12/14/17/18, dark03/05/06/07/09, chaotic06/16/17, pink17.

15 Aug 2008 - Traded shinsengumi20 for oscar03 with Memorywind. Traded nobodies15 and seed02 for baroque16 and hotline08 with MoroiiAngel, also swapped member badges. Traded my mamono10, calamity04, hamham09, matsuri19, empress09, and thief06 for Arianne's oscar07/10/12 and fuyuki04/10/13.
Game Profile: love08, rondo05, artb, and member token.

14 Aug 2008 - Grades exchange: mythril19, twins03, checkmate08, checkmate18, tellius13, riders15, escape01, mitochondria01, ace04, objection05, movies04, and eitoku09.

13 Aug 2008 - New decks: busters06, embryon19, persona03, persona04, matsuri19.
Wednesday games: Puzzle: heartless11, strahl19, englishb, member token.
Memory: eres05, kusabi08.
Video Club: hunters01, maoh10, musicc.
Student Profile: leafe17, priestess17, scienceb, member token.
Old Library Books: mascots10, sylvarant09, historyb.
Famous Artist: persocom11, etoile15, scienceb.
Which Color: assassin01, iroha20, musicc.
Traded club10 for dark12 with suidorime. Swapped member cards with ZombiePinguin. Traded my sunflower02, sylvarant09, and etoile15 for fuyuki07, soul07, and chaotic20 with Kitty Nox; also swapped member cards. Traded my razenshia19/20, destiny03, tenipuri19, and member badge for fafnirh's crimson10/15/16, baroque19, and member badge.

10 Aug 2008 - Traded norse10 and brittania11 for soul02/12 with Kiwi.

9 Aug 2008 - Card Scramble: treasure07, spiral18, sciencec.
Codebreaker: delivery15, desire14, englishb, member token.
Lucky Match: Not lucky... again...
Slots: class12, nobodies15, medium05.
War: Won! club10, shudelmir20.
Arg, the Boss: baroque03, destiny03, historyb.
Game Profile: ito13, emblem14, musicb, and member token.
Traded ballistics04 and persocom11 for chaotic09/10 and swapped member cards with Polar.

8 Aug 2008 - Grades exchange: oscar19, fireball05, chaotic04, hotline06, oscar17, chaotic01/02, vector05, shambala12, levitation04.
Traded oniichan12 for innocent20 with laurietam. Traded kira11 and member badge for fireball20 and member badge with jenshinnn. Traded rosary19 for crimson13 and member badges with Mara.

7 Aug 2008 - Deck image donation "Edge": heroes08, beloved13, kira11, lunar04, extra x2.
Puzzle: britannia11, thief06, historyb, member token.
Memory: laws05, across02.
Video Club: rondo16, kirsche03, artc.
Student Profile: kendo12, triumph03, musicb, member token.
Which Color: eclipse07, shinsengumi20, englishc.
Traded witch18 for dark01 with suidorime.

3 Aug 2008 - Traded my blade15, desire06 and meifu01 and member card for Windy's hotline03, oscar09, fuyuki11, and member card. Took cards from the new decks: pinky12, pinky07, razenshia20, razenshia16, ballistics04. 10 Puzzle: #1- saucer01, colony12. #2- nobodies12, hamham09. #3- sunflower02, neoarcadia02. #4- leafe08, balance20. #5- dalmasca05, calamity04. final- dual10, jewel12, elementary17, extra x2, special.

2 Aug 2008 - Traded my love20, whiteflower01, member badge, nandemo14, kira15, license16, laws20 and blossom02 for hotline14, oscar18, member badge, dhampir20, shinra05/07, and wishes08/11 with Rizu. Card Scramble: flamehaze06, levitation01, historyc.
Lucky Match: Not lucky... again...
Slots:chronicle13, heart06, witch18.
War: Won! balance11, butterflies19
Level up! Got empress09, badluck10, razenshia19, makeup03, artist16, crusades17, and chaotic07/12.


31 July 2008 - Traded my attorney14, brigade06, brittania08, diablo08/17/19, and member badge for KellieDee's baroque10/15, dark04, fireball04, labyrinth02/03, and member badge.

30 July 2008 - Puzzle:tenkai12, mamono10, member token, scienceb.
Memory: persocom11, tenkai17.
Video Club: gaea09, elementary13, historyc.
Voice Talent: tachibana20, spiral03, artc.
Student Profile: laws20, badluck15, musicb, member token.
Famous Artist: green11, mamono08, englishb.
Which Color?: eclipse05, meifu01, historyc.

28 July 2008 - Traded member cards with Laurietam. Traded brush06, brush15, camera11, dalmasca14, krusnik03, krusnik08, ranger12 and ranger15 for fireball13, oscar11/16, dhampir07/15, fuyuki20, revolution04/07 with Maija. (bye bye brushes! *sniff!*)

26 July 2008 - Traded red08, crystal20, geostigma02, ocarina02 and member badge for fuyuki01, shinra16/18, chaotic05 and member badge with PrincessShaman. Traded thanatos01, emperium05, noir02, and member badge for hotline07/16, bloodyrose12, and member badge with IceArcheress.

26 July 2008 - Mastered nocturne! Got chicago06, hourglass14, chaotic13/18, and nocturne's premium card. ^_^
Puffer ABC Reward: bloodyrose07, dhampir06, extra.
Card Scramble: red08, ranger12, sciencec.
Lucky Match: Not lucky...
Slots:orphan04, kimlasca10, shipwreck02.
War: lost...
Arg, the Boss:dalmasca14, vortex17, and musicb.

25 July 2008 - 10 puzzle prizes: noir02, gaea14, innocent19, labyrinth16, scroll15, comic20, shinra02, kimlasca01, desire06, heart05, white12, newgen02, fanatica12, extra x2, and special.
Puzzle: meister03, norse10, historyb, member token.
Memory: spiral16, diablo19.
Video Club: priestess02, green04, musicc.
Voice Talent: kira15, jusenkyo02, englishc.
Student Profile: crimson11, fraulein14, musicb, and member token.
Old Library Books: chaotic11, camera11, artb.
Famous Artist:
Which Color?: geostigma02, adena12, englishc.
Grades Exchange: nocturne06, soul05, hotline02, oscar01, fireball01/03, hotline04/18/19/20, dark02/08/20, white19, ocarina02, attorney14, genpei18, tenipuri19, and contractor12.

21 July 2008 - Leveled up to Sophmore! Got rosary19, adlibitum13, demon20, brush15, iris19, momo14, nocturne15, and nocturne18.

20 July 2008 - Picked up chaotic03/08, krusnik03/08, and resistance08. Donated expel01 to Puffer ABCs.
Slots: vortex02, emperium05, and decisions10.
War: oniichan12, blade15.
Arg! The Boss: ocarina18, myths17, and historyb.
Game Profile: baroque01, laws04, musicb, and member token.
Lucky Match: not lucky. :(
Card Scramble: whiteflower01, requiem06, and musicc.
Traded reploid20 and scroll20 for nocturne17 and fireball19 with princessshaman.

18 July 2008 - Donated to "amnesia" deck, got dhampir16, thanatos01, nandemo14, brush06, and 2 ec tokens.

17 July 2008 - Traded overlord13, norse18, and member badge for Kiwi's hotline17, wishes07, and member badge.

16 July 2008 - Weekly Games: Puzzle: overlord13, norse18, artb, and member token.
Memory: blossom02 and promise14.
Video Club: musou03, bloodyrose08, and musicc.
Student Profile: harem09, scholar05, musicb, and a member token.
Old Library Books: thief02, artist19, and englishb.
Which Color?: soul16, baroque17, and musicc.
Traded my iris11, thief02 and member badge for Quatre's nocturne12, nocturne13, and member badge. Grades Exchange: nocturne01/02/08, hotline01, oscar20, magicalgirls19, oscar13, toudou12, and oniichan12.

15 July 2008 - Traded ito03 for nocturne04 with Li. Traded reploid03, reploid20, tachibana02 and tachibana05 for nocturne04, nocturne16, nocturne19 and nocturne20 with Windy.

14 July 2008 - Traded natural09 a my member badge for oscar05 and mackey2040's member badge.
Codebreaker: brush10, vatican09, scienceb, and a member token.
Grade Exchange: nocturne05, hotline11, fireball02, oscar06, fireball08, nocturne14.
Traded orochi03, poison03, and member badge for fireball09, hotline10, and edisahk's member badge. Traded chiropteran03, coralian04, and member badge for concerto01, concerto06, and roxiezeke's member badge.
Slots: Got babysitter04, white20, judges16.
War:Won a special! ^_^ Got library02, celestial18, and extra x2.

13 July 2008 - Yay!!! I has member badge!! ^_^ Traded meister19 for nocturne09 with Kula, traded my badge card and futago01 for Barbar's badge card and soul06 (with Barbar).
Video Club: tachibana05, tachibana02, and englishc.
Also traded meister09 and member badge for nocturne11 and Kula's member badge.

12 July 2008 - New Decks: reploid03/20, diablo08/17, and scroll20.
Card Scramble: love20, triumph12, and historyc. Lucky Match: not lucky. :(

10 July 2008 -student profile: got brigade06, wishes03, musicb, and a member token. (need to see about getting some Rune Factory and Soul Calibur IV pics to the admins... and suggest Victorian Romance Emma, WJuliet, and Scrapped Princess.)

9 July 2008 -Starter deck: origin14, crimson03, meister09, seed02, silmeria08, license16, nocturne07, nocturne10, and two "extra- any choice" cards. Solved the puzzle, got orochi03, ranger15, historyb, and member token. Memory game: lyrical06 and iris11. Old Library Books: ito03, natural09 and englishb. Which color: revolution06, devil20, and artc. Card Scramble: musou05, class18, and historyc. Slots: coralian04, chiropteran03, and lotis01. 10 puzzle prize 1: adonis08 and tiara02. Puzzle Prize 2: eldeen07 and futago01. Puzzle Prize 3: shipwreck08 and kyou12. Puzzle Prize 4: poison03, meister19. Puzzle Prize 5: concerto18 and britannia08. Aaand finished the last boss puzzle, getting: hotline05, genbu08, expel01, two extras and a special.