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Welcome to Jenphi's collection of cards from "Trading Academy" (Anime, Manga, and Game TCG)! This layout features Elwing from the PS2 game Shining Tears and the anime Shining Tears X Wind. Currently on Hiatus


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Report Card:

Level 9- Professor

1440 points

x15  x3  x87 

x7  x10  x5 
x6  x5  x8 
x9  x11  x10 
x7  x9  x4 
x8  x8  x9 

Ladybug Hunt

found 44/45 ladybugs, 96% of total points

x09   x10   x13   x13  

Art - Donated images for the Rune Factory deck. (18Jul08)
Art - Donated two cards to Puffer ABC in one month. (17Sept08)
Art - Donated at least five images to 10 Puzzle. (12Jan09)

English - Mastered a deck (chaotic) within 30 days of its release. (20Aug08)
English - Leveled up to Master. (02Oct08)
English - Suggested three new deck names for upcoming decks (3Dec08).

History - Mastered three regular decks in one month (6Sept08).
History - Submitted three images and answers for the Famous Artist game (23Nov08).
History - Referred a new member (17Feb09).

Music - Mastered a Member Card set (14Aug08).
Music - Increased my card count by 60+ in one month (13Nov08).
Music - Donated a set of four link buttons (9Feb09).

Science - Trade with 10 different members in a month. Got ten: Kula, Babar, Roxiezeke, Edisahk, Mackey2040, Li, Windy, Quatre, Kiwi, PrincessShaman. (20Jul08)
Science - Entered a contest. (01Oct08)
Science - Mastered a Special Deck. (12Jan09)

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freshman: 0 to 100
sophomore: 101 to 200
junior: 201 to 350
senior: 351 to 500
graduate: 501 to 700
bachelor: 701 to 900
master: 901 to 1200
doctor: 1201 to 1500
professor: 1501 and up

Report Cards:
C: one task, two masters
B: two tasks, five masters
A: three tasks, nine masters

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