Pending Trades

2 May -

baralai02 and ffx208 for agrias11/13 +mc with KellieDee.

Card Log


23 May - Chocobo Racing: ffta10, reno06, 2 gil, 5 exp.

22 May - New Decks: shiva03, lemures20, and moonlight09.
fashion flash: kadaj09, cecilvsgolbez09, summon materia, 5 gil.
missing pieces: garnet07, gonefishing03, sunbeams11, command materia, 10 gil.
blindna: seifer15, ffviiibw06, 5 gil.
voice of the planet: duet05, 1 gil, vincentac10, 1 gil, thesending05, 1 gil.
word of mouth: celes12, ffixending10, ffxiirw06, 5 gil.
chocobo concentration: terra15, ffiopening05, 5 gil.
magic mishaps: cid02, thespring09, follow13, magic materia, 10 gil.
Trade Pot: relaxation10 and armed14 for change03 and waterfuneral02.
Farplane: agrias12, ffvi15, ffvi19.
Wither: aerithcc12.

20 May - blacksmith blunder: ffvi07, assault03, change11, command materia, 10 gil.

17 May - Corneria Hunting: ffixending05, ffv14, sephirothd07, Gysahl Greens, 5 gil.

16 May - Updates: nanakiac12/15, (nanakiac02 for donating), inseparable19/20, relaxation10, riseoftheespers11, armed14, and moonlightsonata09. choice: aerithcc10.
confusion chaos: ffvi20, vayne09, riseoftheespers04, 10 gil.
hide & seek: operaqueen12, edea11, 10 gil.
moomba's mark: battle06, thespring06, 5 gil.
seed test: ramza10, fight16, 5 gil.
teleport stone: ffiiids14, ffviiibw01, one10, independant materia, 10 gil.
treasure chest: ffivds05, terra01, ffivdsopening04, zantetsuken04, magic materia, 10 gil.
clan primer: ffviii04, tidusd15, command materia, 5 gil.
poach: capture03, moonlightsonata17, magic materia, 5 gil.

12 May - Updates: got a Pahsana Green.
Wither: aerithcc03.

10 May - chocobo concentration: ffxii11, ffx2ending03, 5gil.
fashion flash: wolvsgarland03, devotion06, magic materia, 5 gil.
missing pieces: ffviicc04, operaqueen16, magic materia, 10 gil.
blindna: ffii06, holders17, 5 gil.
word of mouth: ffviidoc06, ffvopening08, 5 gil.
voice of the planet: defense05, 1gil, terra08, 1gil, songstress03, 1gil.
magic mishaps: ffvii13, timecompression09, freedom19, spiritswithin07, command materia, 10 gil.
Stamp Card #5: aerithac08.
Leveled up to iii: aerithac11, kuja03, destruction01, strength17, 10 gil.
Mastered AerithAC: aerithcc09, sabin08, beginning02, 10 gil.
Mog house: luso04, change12.
Rhysfaellar went hunting: 5exp.
Farplane: Agrias04/05/11.
Purchased Wither, Shoes I.
Speed Square round #2: cloud05, genesislives01, 10 gil.

9 May - New Decks: waterfuneral04/09, findingyou03/08, proposal02/08, battlefield08/10.

7 May - Rhysfaellar participated in a race: fatebinds12, ffmq17, 2 gil, 5 exp.

5 May - Found the Treasure in Mist Cave: ffxii09, genesislives10, rikkux212, independant materia, tantal greens, 5 gil.
wishing well: 1 free summon materia.
Mastered herlastprayer: aerithac10, ffviiending09, operaqueen14, 5 gil.

3 May - Stamp Card #4: aerithac13.
Trade Pot: ffta10 for ffvii17 and adelle10 for shadow02.

2 May - New Decks: ffviisketches03, ffvigallery05.
Crystal Dungeon: fire crystal, ffivds18, quistis04, lastletter07, trust18, ffivamano05, 1 independant materia, 25 gil.
Cloister of Trials: tiedto16, faris13, perfect08, ffviicc16, aerith08, ffiopening02, sunbeams16, cosmos08, 1 support materia, 1 independant materia, 25 gil.
clan primer: rumble10, dissidia13, 1 independant materia, 5 gil.
poach: watching02, falling01, 1 magic materia, 5 gil.
confusion: ffviidoc17, lulu02, fearless12, 10 gil.
hide & seek: ffcc16, tothebahamut07, 10 gil
moomba's mark: locke02, ffviicc11, 5 gil.
seed test: ffvi07, auron15, 5 gil.
teleport stone oops: kain11, ffviopening02, locked16, 1 magic materia, 10 gil.
treasure chest: ffii08, nero06, enterpirates04, one01, 1 command materia, 10 gil.
Donated sunbeams16 to group collect, got: .
Purchased Numerology, Charge, Archer's Bane, Clothing II, Level iii for 130 gil.
Shinra Dossier: bearers05, falling10, 1 magic materia, 5 gil.
Song of the Bard: ffviiepilogue02, shalua06, 5 gil.
Stamp Card #3: aerith09.
Mastered Aerith! aerithac15, battle18, ffxii20, 10 gil.


30 April - Found the treasure in Coneria! Got agrias07, ffviibc18, ffxending06, 5 gil, 1 Gysahl Greens. (5 exp)

25 April - New decks: fabricated20, holders16, connected17, opponents13.
Chocobo Race: 24 seconds: 5 exp, fearless17, ffmq18, 2 gil. (5 exp)
chocobo concentration: auron13, ffxopening07, 5 gil.
missing pieces: tseng11, capture05, 1 command materia, 10 gil.
mog house: aerith11/12 blindna: voice of the planet 1: voice of the planet 2: adelle10, 1 gil.
voice of the planet 3: falling05, 1 gil.
word of mouth: rude15, ffviopening06, stern11, 5 gil.
Stamp Card #1: aerith06.
Purchased Libra and Poach for 80 gil.
Leveled up to ii: aerithac04, celes09, ffviiending06, 5 gil.
speed square: rosa01, journey08, 10 gil.
Stamp Card #2: aerithac12.
Chocobo Hunting: 5 exp.

21 April - Purchased pending, level i, level ii, Take Aim, Clothing I, Bows I for 60 gil.
Shinra dossier: ffviiepilogue03, rumble02, 1 support materia, 5 gil.
random battle: ffxii07, cecild07, uptovincent02, lionheart19, ffiiamano01, 1 independant materia, 24 gil.
Went hunting with Rhysfaellar and he got 5 exp.

20 April - chocobo concentration: dissidia16, sephirothd07, 5 gil.
fashion flash: tifa13, journey03, 1 support materia, 5 gil.
magic mishaps: .
mog house: romanticdream05, squall08.
voice of the planet: sunbeams05, 1 gil; locke05, 1 gil; blackwinged08, 1 gil.
confusion chaos: opera08, resolve03, ffta10, 10 gil.
hide & seek: ffivds09, redemption05, 10gil.
moomba's mark: ffvi03, squall15, 5 gil.
seed test: letters18, tifaac11, 5 gil.
teleport stone oops: rinoa15, tiedto09, ffiopening04, 1 independant materia, 10 gil.
treasure chests: ffta15, hojo05, enterpirates04, alright16, 1 command, 10 gil.
clan primer: zack10, 1 support materia, 5 gil.
cloister of trials: fearless19, nooj06, herlastprayer10, fft13, fran02, perfect10, crystalline18, ffiiamano03, 2 command materia, 25 gil.
crystal dungeon: water crystal, ffx205, rosa08, protector06, devotion12, lastorder04, 1 support materia, 25 gil.
card claim: finalconfrontation02, change04, and herlastprayer06.
Adopted a Chocobo named Rhysfaellar! Paid 50 gil.

19 April - Starter Pack: aerith01/02/03, ffxii08, ffviibc18, shadow04, tidusd04, ffviiiopening04, crimsonsquad15, battle09, kingdomheartsii04, 1 command materia, 1 support materia, 20 gil.
Update Goodies: cid03, cloudd06, squalld08, sunbeams12, deepground19, backtoback02, stern02, cosmosd10, cloudofdarknessd14, kujad06, noctis13, cecild11, sephirothd12, ffxi02, dissidia15, and layouts01, layouts05, layouts11, AND event08. Also nominated a TCG and got the summon materia. ^_^

Trade Log

Stamp Card #7

17 May - (1) proposal02 for waterfuneral08 with Sabriel.
(1) fearless12 for ffvii19 +mc with Nalin.
(1) shadow11 for proposal08 with Lethe.
23 May - (3) duet05, lemures20, thesending05 for ffvi18, ffvii06/20 +mc with Chayenne.
(2) holders17 and kadaj09 for edgar15 and thedance04 with PlaidElf.

Stamp Card #6

12 May - (1) battle18 for celes10 with PlaidElf.
11 May - (5) change12, crimsonsquad03, locked16, strength17, tiedto16 for fft05/10/11/17/20 +mc with Arianne.
10 May - (3) uptovincent02 and cosmos08 for ffviisketches04 and agrias08 with Cerri.
16 May - (5) battlefield08, moonlightsonata09, moonlightsonata17, riseoftheespers11, shalua06 for aerithcc11, ffvi16, ffvii04, ffvii09, ffvii14 with Lethe.
(1) edea11 for celes02 +mc with Nikki.

Stamp Card #5

10 May - (2) findingyou03/08 for waterfuneral01/07 with PlaidElf.
7 May - (1) rude15 for agrias01 +mc with Nejana.
5 May - (1) ffcc16 for celes04 +mc with Nalenthi.
(1) perfect08 for ffvi17 +mc with JadedRose.
(5) ffxending06, lulu02, rosa01 and rumble02/10 for herlastprayer08, agrias10, fft01, ffviiepilogue05 and ffviiopening03 with Babar.
3 May - (1) nanaki13 for change12 + mc with PlaidElf.
(1) ffix08 for herlastprayer03 +mc with Miriamele.
(3) lastorder04, watching02 for kingdomhearts03, ffvi08 with Lethe.

Stamp Card #4

2 May - (2) Traded redemption05, nooj06 for aerithac02/06 with Smam.
(3) Traded battle09, rinoa15, and tifa13 for aerith07, ffviiopening02/05 +mc with Ariel.
(1) Traded lionheart19 for celes14 +mc with Kaeha.
(2) Traded ffvigallery05 for ffviisketches05 +mc with Mehri.
(1) Traded fabricated20 for nanaki13 +mc with Mirraya.
3 May - (2) Traded ffii08 and alright16 for aerithac09 and ffvii16 +mc with Saffity.
(2) Traded ffiopening02/04 for ffvii08, agrias09 +mc with Lady Chani.
(2) Traded tothebahamut07, falling01 for agrias02, ffviiending09 +mc with Sydney.

Stamp Card #3

25 April - (1) Traded cecild11 for herlastprayer07 with Rahenna.
(4) Traded fearless17, ffxopening07, sunbeams05/12 for aerith15, aerithcc15, aerithac05 and fft02 +mc with Cerri.
(2) Traded finalconfrontation02 and journey03 for ffviiopening01/08 +mc with Karen.

26 April - (2) Traded sephirothd07, stern11 for change05/06 +mc with Coco.
(3) Traded ffvi14, fran02, ffxii07 for aerith05, aerithcc06, and ffvii02 +mc with Zii.

2 May - (2) Traded dissadia13 and quistis04 for aerith07 and aerithcc07 +mc with Meru.
(1) Traded tiedto09 for aerithac01 +mc with Smam.

Stamp Card #2

21 April - (1) Traded ffx-205 for ffvi14 with Ally.

22 April - (4) Traded blackwinged08, ffviiiopening04, ffxii08, tifaac11 for fft19, ffviiopening05, ffvi11, change13 & member cards with Kristi.

25 April - (2) Traded perfect10, crystaline18 for herlastprayer02, shadow01 +mc with Eimii.
(2) Traded connected17, holders16 for fft08, shadow07 with Lethe.
(6) Traded sephirothd12, resolve03, opponents13, kujad06, capture05, cecild07 for aerith10, aerithac01, aerith02/05/08/13 +mc with Rahenna.

Stamp Card #1

20 April - (4) Traded dissidia15, ffxi02, noctis13, tidusd04 for aerith04, herlastprayer01, herlastprayer04, shadow12 + mc with Lethe.
(1) Traded crimsonsquad15 for my cid08 + member cards with Kilika.
(5) Traded deepground19, dissidia16, stern02, ffiiamano03 for aerith14, aerithac03, aerithcc01, kingdomhearts05 + mc with Babar.

21 April - (1) Traded protector06 for fft18 + mc with Stephanever.
(4) Traded romanticdream05, cloudofdarkness14, enterpirates04 and fearless19 for aerith13, aerithcc07, and herlastprayer05/09 + mc with Tyna.