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Welcome to Jenphi's card collection from "Synthesis", a Final Fantasy TCG! I'm currently collecting all decks with Aerith in them, so hand them over! ^_^ Oh, and if you decide to join Synthesis, Jenphi referred you. <3


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Level 3- iii

42 cards ->42 points

Water Crystal Fire Crystal

50 gil50 gil25 gil10 gil10 gil1 gil1 gil = 147 Gil 

Independant Materia - game decks x 6 Magic Materia - character decks x 9 Support Materia - scene decks x 6 Command Materia - puzzle decks x 10 Summon Materia - special decks x 3
Gysahl Greens x 2 Tantal Greens x 1 Pahsana Greens x 1
Rhysfaellar: Level 1, Exp: 45

Completed Stamp Cards = 6

License Board
Final Fantasy
Details: The final level at Synthesis.
Requirements: 3501+ cards & 80 masteries
Level XIV
Requirements: 3100-3500 cards & 60 masteries
Level XII
Requirements: 2501-2800 cards & 40 masteries
Level IX
Requirements: 1601-1900 cards & 20 masteries
Accessories III
Contains: Ruby Earring, Star Armlet, Mindu Gem
Accessories II
Contains: Angel Ring, Scarab
Shoes IV
Contains: Caligula, Ninja Tabi
Armlets II
Contains: Bracers, Genji Armlets
Armlets III
Contains: Fire Mitts, Bone Armlets
Details: Get a 25% discount at the traveling shop.
Level XIII
Requirements: 2801-3100 cards & 50 masteries
Level XI
Requirements: 2201-2500 cards & 30 masteries
Level VIII
Requirements: 1301-1600 cards & 15 masteries
Level V
Requirements: 501-700 cards & 5 masteries
Accessories I
Contains: Fortune Ring, Magic Ring
Shoes III
Contains: Galmia Shoes, Faerie Shoes
Armlets I
Contains: Gauntlets, Thief Armlets
Details: Get one worth two card of choice every two weeks.
Details: Open up a section of special games only for those that have this license.
Level X
Requirements: 1901-2200 cards & 25 masteries
Level VII
Requirements: 1001-1300 cards & 10 masteries
Level IV
Requirements: 401-500 cards & 3 masteries
Level II
Requirements: 101-200 cards
Shoes II
Contains: Red Shoes, Feather Boots, Germinas
Details: Sacrifice up to five cards a week to get 10gil per card.
Details: Get one worth one card of choice per week.
Shades of Black
Details: Find out the answer to a medium difficulty game & get the prize for it without actually having to know the correct answer.
Level VI
Requirements: 701-1000 cards & 7 masteries
Level III
Requirements: 201-400 cards & 1 mastery
Level I
Requirements: 1-100 cards
Shoes I
Contains: Battle Shoes, Spiked Boots, Dash Shoes
Details: Get double the rewards for the Clan Primer game at Wonder Square.
Details: Get twice the amount of update freebies listed in updates.
Details: Get three free stamps on a single stamp card of your choice once per week.
Details: Pending level that all members stay at until they get their cards up.
Details: Your starting place on your License Board.
Details: Unlock Speed Square! The only way you can participate in the challenges there is if you have this license.
Details: Automatically unscramble one of the words in the Voice of the Planet game at Wonder Square.

Archer License Board
Details: 0 MP - Increase weapon attack power for next attack.
Take Aim
Details: 0 MP - 100% Accurate, Severly Reduced Damage attack.
Details: Your starting place on your License Board.
Clothing I
Contains: Leather Garb, Chain Plate, Feather Cap
Bows I
Contains: Longbow, Char Bow
Greatbows I
Contains: Windslash Bow, Cranequin
Details: 0 MP - Greatly increases accuracy of attacks.
Archer's Bane
Details: 0 MP - Completely avoid all physical attacks from units wielding a Bow or Greatbow.
Leg Shot
Details: 0 MP - Inflicts Immobilize.
Clothing II
Contains: Adaman Vest, Survival Vest, Circlet
Clothing III
Contains: Brigandine, Power Sash, Green Baret
Bows II
Contains: Thorn Bow, Nail Bow
Greatbows II
Contains: Twin Bow, Hunt Bow
Arm Shot
Details: 0 MP - Inflicts Disable.
Details: 0 MP - Increases Speed.
Details: 0 MP - Inflicts Charm.
Clothing V
Contains: Brint Set, Galmia Set, Tiara
Clothing IV
Contains: Gaia Gear, Ninja Gear, Headband
Bows IV
Contains: Longbow, Char Bow
Bows III
Contains: Yoichi Bow, Target Bow
Greatbows III
Contains: Fey Bow, Hades Bow
Details: 0 MP - Remove Undead from battle.
Lightning Strike
Details: 0 MP - Attack without triggering the target's reflexes.
Details: 0 MP - Inflicts Blind.
Clothing VI
Contains: Temple Cloth, Ribbon
Bows V
Contains: Perseus Bow, Crescent Bow
Greatbows V
Contains: Marduk Bow, Arbalest
Greatbows IV
Contains: Master Bow, Seventh Heaven
Blitzball Points
Team: Aurochs
21 April - (4) completed a stamp card, purchased takeaim, clothingI, bowsI.
25 April - (3) purchased libra, poach. Leveled up to ii.
25 April - (1) stamp card #2.
2 May - (2) stamp card #3, mastered Aerith.
2 May - (4) Purchased Numerology, Charge, Archer's Bane, Clothing II.
3 May - (1) stamp card #4.
Submitted above on 2 May
5 May - (1) mastered HerLastPrayer.
10 May - (5) stamp card #5, Leveled up to iii, mastered AerithAC, purchased
Wither, Shoes I.

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level # cards required reward
i 1-100 N/A N/A
ii 101-200 N/A 1 choice, 2 randoms, 5 gil
iii 201-300 1 Mastery 1 choice, 3 randoms, 10 gil
iv 301-500 3 Masteries 1 choice, 3 randoms, 10 gil
v 501-700 5 Masteries 2 choice, 4 randoms, 15 gil
vi 701-1000 7 Masteries 2 choice, 4 randoms, 15 gil
vii 1001-1300 10 Masteries 2 choice, 4 randoms, 15 gil
viii 1301-1600 15 Masteries 2 choice, 5 randoms, 30 gil
ix 1601-1900 20 Masteries 2 choice, 5 randoms, 30 gil
x 1901-2200 25 Masteries 2 choice, 5 randoms, 30 gil
xi 2201-2500 30 Masteries 3 choice, 6 randoms, 40 gil
xii 2501-2800 40 Masteries 3 choice, 6 randoms, 40 gil
xiii 2801-3100 50 Masteries 3 choice, 6 randoms, 40 gil
xiv 3100-3500 60 Masteries 3 choice, 7 randoms, 40 gil
final fantasy 3501+ 80 Masteries 3 choice, 8 randoms, 50 gil
-- +400 +20 masteries 3 choice, 10 randoms, 2 specials, 70 gil

Levels and Masteries

Archer LB
General LB