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Pending Trades

24 Oct -

(4) sbellsofnotredame11, sphoebusarrives02/11, slittlehercules06 for fsleep19, fmermaid24, sskumps13, maleficentappears07 +mc with Nickatina.

2 Nov -

(4) svirginiacompanyre11, fwonderland27, sgoldenafternoon04, simlate12 for fsleep05, suponadream04/11, sbattlewithevil13 +mc with Lindsay.
(7) sdwarfsyodelsong15, csnowwhite07, ccrikee05, sunfortunatesouls02, syourworld03, + two more for fsleep24, sawakening15, suponadream14, suponadreamre02/11/13/15 +mc with Kitty.

7 Nov -

(4) cwilbur08, fframed07, ffuture24, and fmonster08 for fsleep08, sawakening09, and sevilspell05/11 +mc with Mina.

Card Log


19 Dec - (1) cjock01 for shousecleaning04 +mc with Macca.
(5) cchip09, smylullaby06/10, stwoworlds11, stwoworldsre10 for my cfauna02, cflora02, cmerryweather09, farcher25, fmermaid09 +mc with Crash.

8 Dec - Acronym Participant: cchip02, smenwillfly05, sprincewillcome12.
(9) ccody02, clady09, sattherestaurant09, savemaria13, sgaston02, sheffalumpswoozles03, slistenwithheart204, sthehydra05, and sthethreecaballeros13 for caurora05, cstitch06, fmusic09/10/24, fohana24, sbeautyandsong09, and shappyendinagrabah03/08 with Arianne.
(2) sgaston15, sbeastsavesbelle13 for farcher10, fmermaid04 +mc with Mousey.
Got traderliloandstitch.

3 Dec - (4) fchristmas02/06/27, frose04 for cflora09, cmaleficient03, cstitch10, freal08 +mc with Kishuu.
(2) cmelody10, sdowntothesea13 for cphilip06, cmaleficent01 with Marie.
NEW CARD START: (1) sarielsinlove14 for cmerryweather03 with Marie.
(4) f200009, ffantasia15, sthisishalloween15, and spaintingrosesred08 for cfauna08, shousecleaning10, sawakening07, and sbattlewithevil10 +mc with QC.
Comment: shailtotheprincess09.


27 Nov - (2) fpedigree19 and cwendy05 for cprinceedward03 and smanoutofyou14 with Isabella.
(4) cdodger03, cursula09, frescue16, srescueaidsociety09 for cmaidmarian02, cprinceedward08, cstitch02, fmermaid11 +mc with Jay.
Master Member #1: caurora04, cbernard10, sbeastsavesbelle13, shappybirthdaytoyou03.

25 Nov - (1) sperfectworldre15 for cflora08 with Rhap-chan.
(4) ssundayclothes10, cpegasus10, szerotohero04/09 for cariel03, cflora10, cfauna09/10 +mc with Melissa.

24 Nov - (2) fbond23, fcars26 for sawakening10 and spinkorblue07 with Pil-P.

23 Nov - Summer09 Invitations: cling09, sarabiannights05, smaleficentappears14, esummer0913.
Summer09 Seating: sguiltyaladdin14, stwoworldsre10, sweareone10, esummer0914.
Summer09 Party: clady09, fohana18, sarielsinlove14, esummer0915.
Master Event Summer09: caurora01, fbedknob07, fhunny16, flamp06, sourtown07.
Autumn09 16, 17, 18, 19: eautumn0913/14, fauna token, cjimhawkins10, cjiminycricket01, fmusic07, ssothisislove04.
Autumn09 13, 14, 15, 20: eautumn0911/12/13/14/15, fauna token, clilo04, cling05, clinguini06, freturn21, froadtrip22, froar23, sthekiss08, sthestorm12, sthethreecaballeros, stheworksong, sthisishalloween.
Master Event Autumn09: caurora09, fpedigree19, slistenwithheart204, smylullaby10, sperturbedpixie08.

22 Nov - (1) ftreasure06 for cphilip09 with Annie.
NEW CARD START: (6) ftreasure06, scantwaittobeking02/15, scircleoflifere13, shakumamatata12, skingofthepast07, sreunion10 for cphilip09, sbattlewithevil09, shawaiiancoaster03, snutcrackersuite09, pastorialsymphony10, sthefairiesplan08, and suponadream02 +mc with Annie.
Leveled up to Sorcerer (skipped Magician): fsleep11/21/29/30, ccody02, ccogsworth03, ccollete04, ccopper05, fcauldron01, fchipmunk30, fchristmas02, fcook04, sperfectworldre15, sphoebusarrives02, sphonykingofengland03, spianoconcerto04, xe05, xf06.

20 Nov - (6) ccinderella09, cladytremaine10, clucifer09, sbibbidibobbidiboo03, sfirstaid02, ssweetnightingale11 for cstitch03, farcher21, shousecleaning11, skronksmission08, snutcrackersuite01, suponadreamre11 with Nyx.

16 Nov - Mini-event Thanksgiving: fboundin10, fboundin23, flifted25, sfirstaid02, token-flora, token-merryweather.
Alice´s Analogy cbagheera09, fgame11, fgame18.
Ariel´s Aria sfanfare06, spinkorblue01.
Belle´s Books cdodger03, fchristmas27, froadtrip17, ftune07.
Cinderella´s cleanser cmelody10, fmelodytime02, sdowntothesea13.
Lady´s Location cursula09, fchristmas06, spinkorblue11.
Mulan´s Memory fslipper18, slittleaprilshower08, sreflection10.
Nala´s Nomenclature fcauldron30, scantwaittobeking15, smaintitles03.
Vixey´s Video cpegasus10, fheadless03.

14 Nov - (3) sjasminerunsaway12, sjasminerunsaway13, and cbelle08 for farcher17, farcher22, and cmaleficent02 +mc with Isabella.
(5) cmeeko09, fapple16, fpuppet15, simwishing14 and sivegotnostrings06 for snutcrackersuite08/10, smulansdecision06/08 and szerotohero01 with Enni.

10 Nov - (2) fdetective16, saeiou08 for freal03, cmaidmarian08 +mc with Mary.

9 Nov - (4) cwilbur08, fframed07, ffuture24, fmonster08 for fsleep08, sawakening09, sevilspell05/11 +mc with Mina.

8 Nov - (2) cjasmine03 and fforest06 for freal13/14 +mc with Drusilla.

7 Nov - Autumn09 #6-#12: autumn05, autumn06, csimba06, cstitch09, csulley10, fpuppet15, autumn07,08, autumn09, freal16, frescue16, autumn10, xb12, srescueaidsociety09, sreunion10, srhapsodyinblue11.
Treasure Planet: ssonofman01, ssorcerersapprentice02.
Rebirth Year 2: cwilburr08, ftreasure06, ftreasure06, xking11.
(1) sfathomsbelow03 for sbattlewithevil05 +mc with Kearin.
NEW CARD START:(2) carchimedes10, cpenny01 for suponadream08, cfauna06 with Kearin.
Got traderlittlemermaid.
Level up to Mage: fsleep26/27, caladdin01, faristocat01, sthebattle02, sthehuntsattack04, sthehydra05, sthejourney06, xe05.

6 Nov - Summer09 Fire Dancers: cmaleficent08, spaintingrosesred08, esummer0909, esummer0910.
Summer09 Main Attractions: cbelle08, clilo01, shakunamatata12, esummer0911, esummer0912.

4 Nov - (3) fdreams18, and sfightingforredeux03/12 for sevilspell12, siwonder01, and sthefairiesplan06 +mc with Nyx.
(5) sarabiannights08, selephantgraveyard08, skingsofthepast08, sonejumpahead07, sonejumpahead14 for caurora10, cflora07, fmermaid08, fmermaid10, fmermaid26 +mc with Jersina.

2 Nov - Updates: fsleep10.
John Smith´s Joyride: sastarisborn13, smarketplace13, sphonykingofengland14.
Kuzco´s Clothes cursula05, fwonderland27, sonejumpahead14.
Peter Pan´s Puzzle: cflora05, fthieves11.
Quasimodo´s Quotes: fglitch14, sfathomsbelow03, sjasminerunsaway12.
Robin Hood´s Relationships: sbattleonthetower04, siwonder15, slongago08.
100 Acre Wood: sdwarfsyodelsong15, sonejumpahead07, frose04, syourworld03.
Agrabah: sgoldenafternoon04, slessonone06, ssorcerersapprentice05, token-flora.
Patch of Heaven: scaveofwonders14, scircleoflifere13, slegendofthelamp04, token-flora .
Pride Rock: ccaptainhook10, ckida10, saroundtheriverbend08, svirginiacompanyre11, szerotohero08.
Tulgey Woods: cabu09, siwontsay05, siwontsay06, soutofthinair02, sunfortunatesouls02.
Simba´s Scene clucifer09, cthumper03, ffantasia15.
Autumn09 found fifth word: merryweather.
Voting: sintothesunlight03, clittlejohn05.
Neverland: flora, cmadammim09, farcher15, siwannabelikeyou07.
Beast's Bluff: skingsofthepast08, skronksmission10, fcars26, cmeeko09.

1 Nov - Birthday present: Flora x2, Fauna, Merryweather.


31 Oct - (1) swestwing09 for sasecretrevealed02 +mc with Colette.

26 Oct - Summer09 Poi: cchip09, selephantgraveyard08, esummer0907, esummer0908.
Summer09 Salmon: cslinky06, slittlespringsong04, esummer0906.
Updates: fmermaid12.
Autumn09 found one word: autumn03.
(6) sdowntothesea13/15, sjig12, stothesurface08, fnightmare04, and sfanfare02 for caurora03, fsleep12/22, sawakening13, shailtotheprincess01, and shousecleaning03 +mc with Nejana.
Atlantica: saguylikeyou13.

25 Oct - Level up to Magelet: fsleep01, fsleep02, cabu04, fbolt21, sstreeturchins08, sstuckonyou09, ssundayclothes, ssweetnightingale11, xd06.
(2) sbellemeetsbeast01/06 for suponadream07, suponadreamre01 +mc with Sarah.

23 Oct - Alice´s Analogy cjasmine03, fforest06, sbellsofnotredame05.
Ariel´s Aria sgivealittlewhistle13, snutcrackersuite12, sphoebusarrives02.
Lady´s Location cprinceedward01, sbattlewithevil15, sphoebusarrives11.
Nala´s Nomenclature ccinderella09, ftinker06, sfarewell07, sfightingforredux03.
Vixey´s Video f200017, fnightmare04, syoucanflyre08.
Mulan´s Memory sbattlewithevil07, sdaughtersoftriton03, stwoworlds11.
Belle´s Books csnowwhite07, fdetective16, fframed07, fohana15.
(3) Traded chades07, fflower28, sastarisborn03 for fmusic12/21/25 with Rhap-chan.
Summer09 Hulu#1: cmulan06, farcher04, esummer0901.
Summer09 Hulu#2: sjig12, esummer0902, esummer0903.
Summer09 Hulu#3: cjafar09, fneverland22, esummer0904, esummer0905.
(2) rafiki01, virginiacompanyre07 for asecretrevealed14, athenassong06 +mc with Enni.
Autumn09 found three words: eautumn0901, eautumn0902, eautumn0904, 1 flora, cwendy05, ftreasure04, ssiamesecatsong09.
NEW CARD START:(2) fcook14 and fducktales24 for freal04 and smulansdecision10 +mc with Pil-P.
Got tradersleepingbeauty.
(1) neverland22 for sleep17 +mc with Kim.
(4) f200017, ccaptainamelia02, cprinceedward03, sbellsofnotredame05 for sleep07/14/15, sasecretrevealed08 +mc with Kristi.
update question: swestwing09.

7 Oct - (9) ccody07, cjasmine01, cquasimodo05, sbahia06, sdefinedancing03, sgodhelptheoutcasts11, sgoodtoyou01, sjackslament02, swhatsthis14 for fmusic11/29, freal06/20/23, sathenassong09, sawakening04, sevilspell09, suponadreamre04 +mc with Arianne.
(1) Traded cbelle06 for sawakening11 +mc with Sarah.
(1) Traded sdestructionofgrotto10 for sevilspell08 +mc with Kilika.

5 Oct - Agrabah: fbond23, scodysflight05, simlate12, token-flora.
Pride Rock: fbrother11, simstillhere01, sstreetsofgold01, sswordinthestone12, sthebattle06.
Kuzco´s Clothes cflower02, sbattleonthetower08, sbibbidibobbidiboo03.
Peter Pan´s Puzzle: sbellemeetsbeast06, svirginiacompanyre07, swhatsthis14.
Quasimodo´s Quotes: carchimedes10, cpenny01, freal16, ftune28.
Robin Hood´s Relationships: sarabiannights09, sgothedistancere02, shemalanolilo06, stipanddash03.
John Smith´s Joyride: cbambi05, shawaiiancoaster10, slittlehercules06.
Baker Street: cbelle06, ccopper01, fmusic03, sbellemeetsbeast01, token-flora.
Simba´s Scene sarabiannights08, savemaria13, sgaston15.

2 Oct - (1) Traded sstrangerslikeme12 for fsleep23 +mc with Rhap-chan.


30 Sept - (5) Traded ccinderella02, ccinderella07, csnowwhite07, ffantasia19, sfirebirdsuite14 for cariel08, cphillip03, cphillip08, szerotohero09, sawakening03 with Layna.
Pooh's Honey: shappyendinagrabah14, sasecretrevealed13, sdowntothesea13, sevilspell15, sstrangerslikeme12.

28 Sept - (3) Traded cdodger03, fhonor27, scolorsofthewind13 for cphillip07, caurora02, flsleep04 +mc with Loramir.

23 Sept - Analogy cesmeralda01, fhonor12, siremember11.
Aria sbahia06, ssideofpotatoes03, stothesurface08.
Books ccinderella02, fdreams18, fhonor27, fsleep09.
Location freturn25, sgoodtoyou01, sswordinthestone05.
Memory sendsoftheearth14, smadmadammim04, szerotohero04.
Name slittleaprilshower07, spastoralsymphony05, sperfectworld06, sprinceali14.
Video ccaptainamelia02, scantwaittobeking02, sladytobed10.
Summer Tokens:
Choice cards: caurora06, cphillip02, sbeautyandsong15, suponadreamre06, suponadream15, sawakening05.
Random cards: cariel06, cbernard05, ccaptainhook07, ccinderella07, ccody07, ccrikee05, cdodger03, cemile10, cflower02, chades07, cjock01, cladytremaine10, clewis02, cmarlin03, cprinceedward03, crafiki01, csnowwhite07, cvitani04, f200009, fapple16, farcher29, fbedknob11, fbelieve10, fbond03, fbrother07, fbug13, fcaballeros11, fcauldron15, fcook14, fdreams14, fducktales24, ffantasia19, fflower28, ffuture24, fincredible03, fmonster08, fpeach27, freturn19, saeiou08, sastarisborn03, sathenassong14, sattherestaurant09, sbellsofnotredame11, sclownsong08, scolorsofthewind13, sdefinedancing03, sdestructionofgrotto10, sdowntothesea15, sfanfare02, sfightingforredux12, sfirebirdsuite14, sgaston02, sgodhelptheoutcasts11, sgoodcompany06, sgospeltruth103, sheffalumpswoozles03, shesatramp14, sheseesyou05, simstillhere04, sivegotnostrings06, sjackslament02, sjasminerunsaway13, skingsofthepast07.
3 Fauna (special random) tokens.

19 Sept - Starter Pack: 1specialrandom, fsleep06/18/25, cdopey07, cjasmine01, cquasimodo05, ffancyfree06, freal12, fsky10, sbeacatre07, simwishing14, srearview05.


26 July - Vote#2 hiatustoken2, hiatustoken5 .
Update hiatustoken5, hiatustoken2, hiatustoken4.
Drink Me! hiatustokenspecial.
White Rabbit's hiatustoken3, hiatustokenchoice.
Caterpillar's Poetry hiatustoken3.
Tulgey Woods hiatustoken3.
Mad Hatter's hiatustoken2.
Queen of Hearts' hiatustoken2.
15 July - Drink Me! hiatustoken1, hiatustokenchoice .
White Rabbit's hiatustoken3, hiatustokenchoice .
Caterpillar's Poetry hiatustoken3 .
Tulgey Woods hiatustoken3 .
Mad Hatter's hiatustoken2 .

8 July - Updates hiatustoken3.
Vote hiatustoken2 .


27 June - Drink Me! hiatustoken3.
White Rabbit's hiatustoken3, hiatustokenchoice .
Caterpillar's Poetry hiatustoken3 .
Tulgey Woods hiatustoken3 .
Mad Hatter's hiatustoken2 .
Queen of Hearts' hiatustoken2 .

26 June - White Rabbit's hiatustoken3, hiatustokenchoice.

23 June - Joined!
Drink Me!: hiatustokenspecial.
Mad Hatter's: hiatustoken2.
Caterpillar's Poetry: hiatustoken3.
Tulgey Woods: hiatustoken3.
Queen of Hearts': hiatustoken2.