Jenphi's So Magical Trading Post

Welcome to Jenphi's card collection from "So Magical", a Disney TCG! If you decide to join So Magical, Jenphi referred you. <3
I'm looking for ALL cards from Sleeping Beauty, and any random ones with Aurora or Phillip on them. Also would like pastoralsymphony.
I love to trade member cards! Let's trade those too! ^_^

I am currently on Hiatus. I will not respond to any trade requests or be updating my post at this time.

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Level 5- Sorcerer

30 cards ->30 points

Completed stampcards = 4
Total Stamps = 122

  Jenphi's membercard   Flora - 1 Choice Regular x 9   Fauna - 1 Random Special x 7   Merryweather - 1 Chioce Special x 3