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Trading Card Log

27 Dec -
Weekly games:
Freebies: nathan11, soundtracks18, axe.
Lucky Card: trevor17, richterrondo06, portrait14, water.
Match It Up: soundtracks01.
Slots: demoncastle09, allies08, richterrondo19, water, codcomic03, belmont10.
War: legends11, hector11.
Doubles Exchange: codcomic10, dawn10, sara17 for sketch03, isaac13, soundtracks13.

21 Dec -
Weekly games:
Freebies: partners04, isaac09, heart.
Lucky Card: maxim02, draculax20, castlevania07, water.
Match It Up: juliusaos03.
Slots: apocalypse06, richtersotn19, allies17, heart, codcomic07, ladies10.
War: lost.
Doubles Exchange: codcomic10, dawn10, sara17 for sketch03, isaac13, soundtracks13.

14 Dec -
Weekly games:
Freebies: walter06, vampirekiller20, dagger.
Lucky Card: not lucky.
Match It Up: draculasotn16.
Slots: dawn10, sara17, cronqvist01, whip, magicseal02, codcomic10.
War: richterrondo06, partners17.
Doubles Exchange: codcomic10, dawn10, sara17 for sketch03, isaac13, soundtracks13.

7 Dec -
Weekly games:
Freebies: richterrondo15, lament19, watch.
Lucky Card: resurrection11, mariasotn18, apocalypse07, water.
Match It Up: watching02.
Slots: richterdracx11, simonsquest04, simonsquest18, water, facesofdeath08, sotncomic08.
War: rondo10, apocalypse07.
Doubles Exchange: apocalypse07, richterdracx11, simonsquest04, simonsquest18, bloodlines06, origin03, revenge02, ricterrondo10, magicseal10 for adventure20, annette14, mariarondo13, cornell07, vampirekiller17, richterdracx02, harmony18, christopher06, facesofdeath05.

30 Nov -
Weekly games:
Freebies: christopher04, vampirekiller03, whip.
Lucky Card: not lucky.
Match It Up: watching18.
Slots: demoncastle20, carrie07, loretta03, axe, facesofdeath02, ladies04.
War: bloodlines07, aria18.
Doubles Exchange: facesofdeath02, ladies04 for codcomic02, sketch09.

24 Nov -
Biweekly games:
boss beast: dawnofsorrow07, moon04, watch.

23 Nov -
Weekly games:
Freebies: rondo01, challenge14, dagger.
Lucky Card: armster01, mathias01, curse11, dagger.
Match It Up: portrait05
Slots: richterrondo05, carrie20, sara03, axe, facesofdracula05, belmont10.
War: richterdracx19, trevor04.
Doubles Exchange: challenge14, policetwo01 for lament18, castle04.

16 Nov -
Weekly games:
Freebies: julia05, legends05, whip.
Lucky Card: annette07, shadows20, allies15, watch.
Match It Up: mariarondo16
Slots: hector16, symphony03, joachim09, axe, kojimathree01, belmont10.
War: aria17, demoncastle12.
Doubles Exchange: symphony03 for isaac06.

9 Nov -
Weekly games:
Freebies: allies11, soundtracks04, dagger.
Lucky Card: wallpapertwo10, challenge11, lisa05, dagger.
Match It Up: harmony02
Slots: carrie02, hector01, sleepingbeauty15, water, ladies05, policetwo01.
War: christopher13, walter01.
doubles exchange: wallpapertwo10, walter01, for somaaos18, adventure19.
level up to Dracula: sleepingbeauty06, sleepingbeauty07, revenge02, adventure03, richterdracx11, policethree01.
doubles exchange: belmont08, castles05/08, ladies05, sotncomic01/02 for kojimathree04, policetwo03, policeone06, kojimafive07, kojimatwo08, ladies04.
Token Exchange: castle07, lisa06, lisa07, lisa11, lisa14, lisa15, lisa16, lisa17, lisa18, lisa19, lisa20, moon12, moon14, moon15, moon18, moon19, moon20, circle01, circle02, circle04, circle07, circle08, circle10, circle16, draculascurse01, draculascurse06, draculascurse09, draculascurse11, draculascurse13, draculascurse17, draculascurse18, dawn01, dawn02, dawn04, dawn05, dawn06, dawn07, dawn08, dawn10 .
mastered castle: moon01, moon02, annette08, richterdracx07, dawnofsorrow11, vampires04.
mastered lisa: circle13, circle14, draculax08, origin03, kojimafive09.
mastered moon: circle15, draculascurse19, richterdracx20, shadows07, belmont04.
mastered circle: sleepingbeauty03, draculascurse20, chronicles06, cornell08, kojimatwo02.
mastered draculascurse: xchronicles16, xchronicles19, mariasotn17, legacy07, magicseal10.

2 Nov -
Weekly games:
Freebies: leon07, dawnofsorrow19, whip.
Lucky Card: forge16, alucard19, aria19, whip.
Match It Up: xchronicles09
Slots: rondo14, armster17, draculascurse15, whip, magicseal10, ladies05.
War: portrait19, richtersotn16, crimson16, cross.
doubles exchange: belmont08, walter01, for challenge14, belmont07.

Bi-weekly games:
Boss Beast: allies06, joachim07, watch.
Lottery: 8 numbers correct!! paid carrie19, got lydie16, richterrondo10, leon10, origin04, & lisa08/09, moon06/07.

Token Exchange: sotncomic10.
Mastered sotncomic: moon10, moon11, simonsquest06, crimson07, bloodlines06, castle09

26 Oct -
Weekly games:
Freebies: soundtracks08, watching09, whip.
Lucky Card: succubusloi04, wallpaperone04, sonia14, whip.
Match It Up: partners10
Slots: allies12, carrie19, apocalypse15, heart, belmont08, sotncomic01.
War: nope.
doubles exchange: belmont08, walter01, for challenge14, belmont07.

18 Oct -
Weekly games:
Freebies: rinaldo10, draculasotn12, dagger.
Lucky Card: mathias06, mariasotn14, harmony19, heart.
Match It Up: moon13
Slots: richtersotn10, apocalypse16, demoncastle05, whip.
War: portrait18, crimson05.
Biweekly Games:
Puzzle: castle03, portrait08, axe.
Costume: christopher18, legends19.
Lost card: policetwo07, whip.
History Lesson: draculascurse14, forge01.
Boss Beast: draculax20, juliusaos07, water.
Word Scramble: mariadracx14, allies19, dagger.
Lottery: paid apocalypse16, got lament02, richtersotn06, succubusloi06, arikadodos11.
Miscellaneous Stuff:
Mastered chronicles: simonsquest05, arikadodos03, watching13, lament06, facesofdracula03.
Mastered curse: succubusloi05, mariadracx10, allies16, challenge02, castle08.
level up to Succubus: simonsquest06, simonsquest11, draculasotn06, challenge06, demoncastle11, policethree08.
level up to Death: simonsquest12, arikadodos09, origin10, loretta17, xchronicles10, kojimafour07.
Token Exchange: mariadracx16, mariadracx20, succubusloi19, sotncomic03.
Mastered mariadracx: succubusloi02, succubusloi10, vampirekiller14, maxim05, policetwo02.
Mastered succubusloi: arikadodos05, arikadodos10, loretta02, rondo09, facesofdeath03.
Mastered arikadodos: simonscurse08, simonscurse13, richtersotn09, walter01, policeone09.
Mastered simonscurse: lisa01, lisa02, challenge15, soundtracks02, kojimathree08.
Doubles Exchange: circle11, trevor13, duet14, symphony03, kojimaone07, facesofdeath07, sotncomic02, kojimaone03.

12 Oct -
Weekly games:
Freebies: aria02, xchronicles12, and holy water.
Lucky Card: nope.
Match It Up: moon03
Slots: cronqvist07, symphony04, rondo05, axe, facesofdeath02, belmont08.
War: richtersotn10, somaaos10.

6 Oct -
Biweekly Games:
Puzzle: kojimafive05, succubusloi16, axe.
Costume: mariadracx15, circle03.
Lost card: facesofdracula03, water.
History Lesson: sleepingbeauty05, challenge17.
Boss Beast: mariadracx18, moon05, whip.
Word Scramble: rinaldo04, super09, water.
Lottery: paid apocalypse14, got circle19, circle06, curse19, simonsquest20.
Level up to Succubus, mastered curse, chronicles... haven't turned them in yet.

5 Oct -
Weekly games:
Freebies: joachim18, draculax08, and watch.
Lucky Card: isaac04, haunted08, arikadodos13, heart.
Match It Up: lament17
Slots: christopher01, soundtracks16, aria01, dagger, castle05, facesofdeath02.
War: lydie04, curse12, adventure01, and cross.

28 Sept -
Weekly games:
Freebies: lisa04, challenge09, and watch.
Lucky Card: crimson06, forge20, simonsquest15, axe.
Match It Up: wallpapertwo14
Slots: joachim14, dawnofsorrow08, sleepingbeauty12, whip
War: nathan20 and richterrondo10.

23 Sept -
Traded my sara05, apocalypse01, deathloi10 for circle17/18, xchronicles07 with Lea.
Biweekly Games:
Puzzle: sketch02, origin01, axe.
Costume: juste09, simonchron12.
Lost card: magicseal07, dagger.
History Lesson: challenge12, armster15.
Boss Beast: arikadodos15, xchronicles11, dagger.
Word Scramble: julia10, moon17, water.
Lottery: paid legacy06, got partners14, castlevania06, allies08, chronicles17, chronicles19.

21 Sept -
Weekly games:
Freebies: moon16, isaac20, and watch.
Lucky Card: no match...
Match It Up: xchronicles06
Slots: somaaos11, dawnofsorrow05, apocalypse14, whip, policethree07, sketch06.
War: cornell17 and vampirekiller01.

14 Sept -
Weekly games:
Freebies: richtersotn12, lament09, and whip.
Lucky Card: nope...
Match It Up: richterrondo18
Slots: legacy06, mathias17, christopher16, watch.
War: crimson03 and richtersotn04.
Traded ladies06, armster06/08/18, joachim15, legacy16, maxim02/05/14, rondo05/14/19 for Marfista's vampires05, arikadodos04/07/08/14, curse20, draculascurse05/08/12, xchronicles05, aria09/12.

13 Sept -
Level up to Venus Weed: kojimathree05, soundtracks15, draculascurse07, super12, chronicles09, chronicles10.
Doubles swap: kojimafive02, haunted20, simonchron03, draculasotn15, sara05, allies02, cornell13.
Biweekly Games:
Puzzle: sketch08, sonia10, holy water.
Costume: crimson20, richtersotn20.
Lost card: kojimatwo01, whip.
History Lesson: arikadodos12, lydie15.
Boss Beast: circle05, crimson12, dagger.
Word Scramble: draculascurse02, joachim04, whip.
Mystery Melody:
Lottery: paid sonia10, got leon10, hector04, chronicles11, chronicles14.
Traded cornell13, sonia12/19, trevor14/16/19, simonchron13 for arikadodos16, chronicles16, dawn09/18, portrait13, simonsquest09, succubusloi09 with Cerri.

7 Sept -
Weekly Games:
Freebies: moon04, cronqvist20, and water.
Lucky Card: blarg!
Match It Up: trevor19
Slots: arikadodos18, xchronicles20, moon08, watch, belmont08, and magicseal04.
War: origin03 and legacy08.

1 Sept 2008 -
Mastered Sara and Annette: policethree08, policeone05, leon04, christopher07, sleepingbeauty04, rinaldo14, curse06/08/12/13.
Token Exchange: mariadracx01, chronicles05, simonsquest03/04, curse17/18. Weekly Games:
Freebies: lisa10, julia07, heart.
Lucky Card: nope!
Match It Up: portrait14
Slots: forge11, chronicles02, minaaos01 and watch.
War: didn't win.
Monthly Games:
Where is it??? belmont03, joachim15, aria05, watch.
Hidden Links: lady in yellow: succubusloi01, cronqvist17. Golden moon: succubusloi03, cronqvist05. Red Hankerchief: ladies06, facesofdracula01.
Police Report: policefour01, richterrondo13, sleepingbeauty09, and aria06.

24 Aug 2008 -
Level up to Axe Armor: vampires09, richtersotn11, minaaos06, draculascurse10, annette14, annette15.
Mastered Alucard: kojimafive01, watching17, mathias20, sara19, annette08.
Token Exchange: annette12, annette13.
Doubles Swap: kojimafour09, draculasotn08, julia02.
Weekly and Bi-Weekly games:
Freebies: julia15, isaac20, heart.
Lucky Card: bloodlines06, sleepingbeauty01, juliusaos02, axe.
Match It Up: succubusloi11
Slots: arikadodos19, soundtracks12, mariadracx19 and holy water.
War: isaac05, maxim02, alucard20, cross.
Puzzle: codcomic03, leon03, holy water.
Costume: trevor14, wallpapertwo10.
Lost card: kojimaone04 and dagger.
History Lesson: mariarondo01, mariadracx12.
Boss Beast: armster06, minaaos18 and axe.
Word Scramble: succubusloi04, armster18, whip.
Mystery Melody: sotncomic06, codcomic04 and a watch.
Lottery: paid minaaos06 and got mariadracx09, castlevania14, annette17/18.
Traded member cards with Lilly.

22 Aug 2008 -
Traded member cards with Becca.

18 Aug 2008 -
Traded member cards with Larissa and Cerri.


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