Welcome to jenphi.silvercheetah.net! (for lack of a better name) This is a little hub of links to sites I frequent, where I am, and little hobbies online. Poke around and see what you can see! ^_^

By the way, the quote above is from "The Last Unicorn", spoken by Schmendrick, the magician. One of my most favorite quotes. :3

Links to me elswhere

SilverCheetah Designs
Jenphi on DeviantArt

Costume Sites

SilverCheetah Cosplay - Jenphi's Costume Site
Cosplay.com profile & pics
CosplayLab.com profile & pics

Fanlisting Collective

"Secluded Library" is now closed

Trading Card Games

Active in none, currently.

Moonlight Legend Cards
Candy Pop Cards
tinyLEGEND Cards
So Magical Cards

Athenian Cards
Happy Harvest Cards
Trading Academy Cards
Synthesis Cards
Loved by the Night Cards

TCG Visual Card Manager

My modified card manager script is not available for general download yet. If you'd like to contact me about it, please do so here: Trade Form/Comment Form

Sprites by Jenphi

Some cute sprites I made in the Sailormoon: Another Story style.
  MacGyver   MacGyver Knife   Alucard   Maria  

And these are ones I got elsewhere because I think they're cute. ^_^

Other Random Stuff

Cards, links, and other stuff. ^_^

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